My Americas Next Top Model All Stars Winner

UPDATE: It looks like Angelea and Dominique are doing very well in Americas Next Top Model All Stars season.  They may or may not come out as the winner who knows!  Anything can happen at the All Stars.  

I am now juggling between Laura, Allison, Shannon and Alexandria.





But Alexandria is dwindling down from high fashion to over the top, according to Tyra Banks as far as the Americas Next Top Model All Star Season latest episode goes.  She was at the bottom two with the Coco Rocha challenge and I see her fierceness is gone.

Laura is getting better and better each shoot and challenge, so I am rooting for her!

Allison is so unique in so many different ways and she could be it too.

Shannon is the beauty with poise, like the perfect prim and proper girl this ANTM All Stars season.

One thing I like best about this season too are their hairstyles!  I’m itching for a haircut! I wanna chop my long locks and have it like Laura or Alexandria hairstyle! Love love!


L-R: Americas Next Top Model All Stars Bianca, Lisa, Shannon, Camile, Alisson, Laura, Dominique, Angelea, Sheena, Isis, Bre, Alexandria and Kayla

Camile, Sheena, Isis and Bre are long gone, Bianca and Kayla were booted this episode.  Its now down to Lisa, Alisson, Laura, Dominique, Angelea, Sheena and Alexandria !

How about you, who are you rooting for this ANTM season.

UPDATE: Alexandria was eliminated as of this post. I still want her hair.

Update:  Shannon was eliminated at the Greece Salad round! Uhoh.

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