2011 Revisited: Earthlingorgeous.com Year-Ender

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2011 Revisited: Earthlingorgeous.com Year-Ender

How was your 2011?

The year 2011 was a very wonderful year for Earthlingorgeous.com. There were so many doors opened, so many new friends that I’ve met. So many adventures I braved and a lot of new and amazing product I’ve tried and discovered. Here’s a monthly round-up of my 2011!

January 2011


February 2011

March 2011
Orange Team

  • This was the first time I raced to win!    I was so glad to be part of the Amazing Intel Chase where the new Intel Processors were launched. If you watch the reality game show Amazing Race, this one was like that and we did it around Metro Manila!  We got 3rd place, not bad!
  • Favorite products this month was the Beach Hut Max with SPF100 I got this month was perfect for the Intel Chase, I didn’t get sunburned and my skin was well protected!   The Purebeauty Hair Care Treatment that was launched this month was also perfect to resurrect my dry and damaged hair.

April 2011

ponds flawless white unbeatable challengers

  • I was a speaker at iBlog7 and my talk was controversial, some agree to what I said, some don’t.  I will be surprised if everyone agrees.  There were haters who talked behind my back,  some were very quiet at supporting me all the way.  Some were unable to move on until now and make me a subject of their entertainment, I don’t care really.  I don’t have to be bothered about anything, its the other way around because they are the ones who have been badmouthing me.
  • Anyway,  I went on a blogger leave this month because I had a visitor to entertain from another country.  But before my visitor came, it was the culmination of the Ponds Unbeatable Challenge where I was one of the challenger along with beautiful blogger friends.
  • I was also able go shopping at the opening of the Forever 21 Makati and was invited at Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriquez movie premiere night for Tum: My Pledge of Love.

May 2011

June 2011




July 2011

August 2011

September 2011

October 2011

November 2011


Yup, the year that was was busy, but it was fun and very fruitful!  I hope you had a gorgeous 2011 too!

Cheers! and here’s to a hope for a wonderful, exciting and amazing 2012!

Happy New Year!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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4 thoughts on “2011 Revisited: Earthlingorgeous.com Year-Ender

  1. Looks like you had a fantastic year. Wow, I didn’t know you went through so much being a blogger and all, I actually was surprised while reading your post about iblog7.

    I was a blogger before, though not as dedicated as you and it’s just a pasttime, I don’t know if I’ll get back this year, but things sure are complicated behind all the glitz and glamour of events, freebies, and others. Then again, it’s the friends you make that make blogging worthwhile. 🙂

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