My “Complete Workout” Treatment at Browhaus

Ever thought about having your entire face waxed or threaded? I haven’t and so when I learned what the Browhaus have in store for thay “complete workout” I said to myself, “Oh boy! What did I get myself into?”


Normally, I would go to a threading/wax station to have my eyebrows fixed. Never did it crossed my mind to have any other part of my facial hair, including the baby fine hair on my upperlip off.

But during my trip to Browhaus, I had a “complte workout” treatment , a treat that ARC PR gave me that I didn’t know what it was until I was seated on the threading chair with one of their staff ready to be stripped-off every misplaced hair on my face.

Before haggard look haha

It sting some, well it stings a lot, imagine how eyebrow threading can already be excruciating (especially if it is your first time) what more the entire process being done to your face.

I could hear the snapping sound of the thread and the pull of every hair on my face. It was crazy!

During ouchie!

Honestly, I will never ever do it again, unless all the hair they ripped-off becomes gorilla-hair thick I am happy with a few misplaced hair here and there.

But hey, don’t get me wrong its not that painful and I love how my eyebrows were nicely done. I believe that’s Browhaus expertise, eyebrows and I’m going back for my eyebrow maintainance there from now on.


By the way, if you are wondering how much a complete workout is, its Php1,500. Eyebrow threading is Php500ish while upperlip threading is Php300ish. Browhaus can be found at Serendra BCG and Greenbelt in Makati.

IMAG3788 IMAG3793

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I think as much as I am tempted to have my upper lip threaded, I think I’ll stick with them unless they become thick. Would love to have a cleaner fix though like your after pic. Maybe I’ll try waxing it instead?

  2. ayyy…ang sakit ng sa upper lip…I tried it once before but did not have the courage to do it again..:( Though I always have my eyebrows threaded 🙂 It is painless now for me 🙂

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