Developing: My #YsaLoveStory

A cliche says “Love is blind”  It sees through your imperfections and accepts you for who you are wards and all.

But I, I am my worst critique.  I can’t accept me like this, and so I hide it with makeup.

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There my big secret is revealed, I have this ugly dark mark on my left cheek that I hide ever so carefully with makeup that nobody ever notices it.  I never had it before but out-of-the-blue it appeared and grew that big.  So I hated it and hid it.  Little did I know that thing was not melasma, it was a flat wart.

Honestly, I am tired of putting on makeup and concealing this imperfection on my face.  I want to be finally free of concealers and wear my naked face wherever I go.  But I am afraid of the criticism I may get from the people in my industry.  I mean I am a beauty blogger, most people expect me to be as pretty as my blog name is if not perfect.  Hah!

Fortunately, Ysa Skin and Body Expert came to the rescue.  Took me in his arms and said we will take care of you.  Whatever you want we will do it for you.  Your wish is my command.

So I went to have this removed through their wart removal treatment (the fee is Php100 per wart but depending on the size, this almost  cent size might cost a thousand or more).

My #YSALoveStory
Today is my Week 1 from the treatment and here’s how it looks:

My #YsaLoveStory
I was told not to wet it for a week and not intentionally scrape off the scar and just let it peel-off by itself. They also gave me Erythromicin as after treatment medicine to apply on it 3 times a day. And my next check-up for this is after 2 weeks.

I’m anxious! I hope it won’t leave an ugly scar mark on my face coz this one is big. If that happens I have to hide with makeup again!

But I trust YSA will do anything to make me flawless because #YSALovesMeBetter !

I will update you all of the developments and my developing #YSAloveStory aside from this treatment I am also having radio frequency and laser hair removal treatment with them. And soon maybe will have a dental treatment too! Yes, YSA has dental treatment aside from skin and body treatments! An all-in-one beauty and wellness center indeed.

How about you, do you have a Ysa love story to share? Or would you like to have a relationship with Ysa too? Stay tuned I might be giving away something soon!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. you just give me a little confident after reading this. i actually three alive moles and very visible in my face. one below my left eye which is the biggest. second is below my nose and third above my upper lip. i hope to be updated to this post and who knows i might try this one myself 🙂

  2. From the looks of it, I guess it will peel off by itself and the spot will be just a little lighter. Update after next week, ok? 🙂

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