Missing Batman In KFC Justice League Bucket & Tumblers

I know its silly but I’ve been getting this question about the missing Batman in the KFC Justice League Bucket and Tumblers since I posted this last Wednesday on my Instagram, Twitter and personal Facebook account.   Batman was a part of the Justice League but why in the heck he was not included in that KFC Justice Bucket and Tumblers?   The KFC Justice League Bucket features 5 Justice League Super Heroes namely: Superman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman. The KFC Justice League Tumblers feature Superman, Green Lantern, Flash and the reason I bought that bucket meal — Wonder Woman!

KFC Justice League Wonder Woman Tumbler
Mas maganda si Wonder Woman sa Tumbler kesa sa Bucket
KFC Justice League Superman Tumbler
Mas pogi si Superman sa Bucket kaysa sa Tumbler
KFC Justice League Green Lantern Tumbler
Green Lantern
KFC Justice League Bucket Aquaman
Why Batman was not in the KFC Justice League Bucket & Tumbler
1) KFC must be saving a different set of Bucket and Tumblers for Batman just in time for the Batman Rises movie!
2) KFC was not able to get the Batman franchise to print him on their buckets?

I would have loved it if KFC makes a Batman Rises Bucket & Tumbler just in time for the movie release really really soon! Woot! Psyched about the movie!

KFC Justice League Tumblers

Why did I blogged about this non-sense? It’s not actually a non-sense because some people were surprised that I was able to get a complete set of the KFC Justice League Bucket and Tumblers when they haven’t seen the advertisements or even knew such existed! Now they know! Also Azrael of Azraels Merryland blogged about this as soon as he saw me post this on my Instagram! Haha! Aliw lang!It’s been a couple of days now since I got this, were you able to get hold of your Justice League Bucket and Tumbler at KFC too? The bucket meal is sold at Php599.00 includes 8 pcs KFC Chicken, 4 rice, 4 side dish of your choice, and the tumblers filled with soda of your choice add Php50.00 and you get 4 brownies!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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