OOTD: Half Tsuya

If I lived in my perfect world, I want to be the one to be served and not the one serving. People will do things for me and give everything I need and not the other way around. I don’t want to work so hard and just sit all day and do nothing. I have everything I need without having to stress so much. My Saturday nights are spent with friends partying or just have a fun relaxed day talking about anything under the sun and play with makeup. Just like what happened Saturday last week, first day of September, my day was half tsuya. Tsuya in Japanese means Ideal. My September 1 was half ideal because I spent half of my day with beautiful girls and we ate good food and played with makeup!


What I wore:
A half-sleeved sheer top from Penshoppe
A chartruese straight-cut troussers from Coco Cabana
My Skater Shoes from B-Club
Orange Aligator bag from Mags
An Emerald Cocktail Ring from Avon
Foxy and Aztec rings from Forever 21
I’m also wearing an inner sandro-bra Shapewear from Jockey because I don’t want to bare too much skin with my sheer cream top!


Those little things in a white dropper bottle is the Tsuya Skin serum by Shu Uemura that promises to reactivate the skins youth power switch!


The beautiful ladies I was with at the event!


Another reason for the name of the post is that my top is half-sleeved, half-not which is so nice, don’t you think so?

I am impressed with Penshoppe lately, they have so many nice new items. Maybe because they’ve gone international with their endorsers they need to impress not just their customers but their models as well. Good job I say because despite the quality of their endorsers the price of their items remains the same Keep it up Penshoppe!

If you liked my look or just part of my outfit haha, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase hype me on Lookbook! Thanks much!

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. Author

    Aww thanks Arnie babe 🙂

  2. Ganda mo mother Earth!! ♥ I extremely love your top!

  3. oh yeeah, if only we live in an ideal world that would be perfect! heehee! you ladies are gorgeous in the pic btw 😉

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