The Ber months are really hectic.  In fact I barely find time to do a full makeup but with these makeup and cosmetics I loved using last month, getting dolled up is a breeze.  Some of them have been included in my other favorite beauty finds list in the pastContinue Reading

Not all of us are blessed to have full or thick lashes.  Thank the cosmetic fairies for creating all the beautiful makeup we can use to enhance whatever God gave us without having to go through painful surgery or anything.  I’ve been using the Shu Uemura Ultimte Natural Mascara forContinue Reading

October was a busy month for socializing online and offline.  My unprecedented weight loss has given me very little option with my outfit lately, most of my clothes don’t look very nice on me now that I’m so skinny and this is an all time record skinny level low.  IContinue Reading

If there’s one makeup item I love to hoard that would be lipstick and luckily I got a handful of new lipstick this September and most of them got lovely lovely shades, one of them is my super ultra favorite of all the Shu Uemura Supreme Rouge Unlimited Matte Lipstick.Continue Reading