A Thai Bistro Robinsons Magnolia Dining Experience

Forgive my occasional memory lapse, but I was having a hard time trying to remember where and when did I have my  first Thai cuisine and fell in love with it.   Since then, whenever I get a chance to drop by a restaurant serving Thai cuisine, I always make sure to have have the  Pad Thai, Tom Yam and of course Thai Milk Tea .  I was satisfied with the kind of Thai food I had until I tried Thai Bistro @ Robinson Magnolia Town Center  just recently.  I thought I already tried the best tasting Thai food in Manila but now I realized I missed a lot!

Thai Bistro @ Robinson's Magnolia
But before making you all hungry with the yummy food  I tried in this resto, I just want to point out one of the best thing I appreciated the most at Thai Bistro:  I love the fact that they customize the food they serve according to their customers preferences.   They will take time to ask if you are vegetarian or if you have high-blood pressure, diabetic or allergic to some ingredients, and they will try to serve you your favorite food without having to sacrifice your health and the taste!   Which means you have more time to enjoy the food without having to worry about slowing it down!

Having said that I had the eat-all-you-can Thai food festival that night with some of my favorite people!

Now straight to the three of my favorite Thai foodie stuff

Pad Thai Noodles (Php320.00 an order)
Pad Thai @ Thai Bistro
Above is the regular Pad Thai with an egg net wrap, below was the vegetarian Pad Thai!
We requested a vegetarian version because we dined with one of our vegetarian friends .  I’m not vegetarian but I tried both, both were equally good and surprisingly I can’t taste the difference between the vegetarian and non-vegetarian or the regular Pad Thai! It is tastier and flavorful compared to what I’m used to before I liked this one best!
Vegetarian Tom Yam Kung (Php145.00)
vegetarian and regular sea food Tom Yam @ Thai Bistro
The regular Tom Yam Kung is made of hot and sour prawn soup, but since I am allergic to prawns, they made mine without the prawns but more vegetables! Ana the vegetarian and I actually shared this pot because servings is always good to share! I love it!
Thai Milk Tea (Php110.00)
Beverages @ Thai Bistro (Thai Tee and Lemongrass Tea)
They usually serve Thai Pearl Milk Tea but I don’t feel like having pearls that time to make room for more food in my tummy and so they did as I requested. Just the way I want it. Very flavorful and refreshing!  Oh! The one on the right is a lemon grass tea!  

Now for the Thai cuisine I am not that very familiar but enjoyed it a lot at Thai Bistro I am sure to come back for more and bring along my friends and family with me!

Mieng Kham (Php180.00)
Mieng Kham @ Thai Bistro

This is a traditional Thai appetizer.  To eat it, roll the leaf like a lumpia wrapper and put the whole thing in your mouth and chew!  Those who don’t like green leafy vegetables may find the first few taste weird because the leaves is so crunchy and you can actually taste it’s bitter-sweetness because it is freshly picked from the Chef’s farm! But once it mixes with all the other ingredients it taste really good and yes it opens up your appetite to be adventurous in trying out other Thai cuisine!

FYI: According to Chef Cecille Chang, the Chef in Stiletto and the owner of Thai Bistro herself, all the vegetables you see in the menu and on your plate are all freshly picked same day from her own garden of herbs and spices!

the Chef in Stilettos Chef Cecille Chang
That’s Chef Cecille herself, it was super fun chatting with her she’s so fashyown and down-to-earth. I enjoyed the boys talk and I would love to take a peek in her closet full of designer bags, shoes, and outfitey! By the way, I immediately noticed her Hermes belt as soon as we were introduced! Gosh you should see her shoes! Killer heels!

Back to the food trip!

Say Duo,Soft Shell Crab double Fried

Satay Duo on top (Php265.00) and Soft Shell Crab double fried on the bottom (Php380.00)

Satay Duo is the chicken and pork skewers but with cucumber relish and peanut sauce. Yumz! The Soft Shell Crab has tamarind puree and green chili dip on the side. Really really good with the rice! Haha!
Vegetarian and Prawn Fresh Rolls @ Thai Bistro
Fresh Prawn Rolls (Php310.00)

The one without the prawns is the vegetarian version. Like I said earlier I am allergic to shell fish/sea foods so I preferred the vegetarian one. It somehow reminded me of the fresh vegetable lumpia, the difference was the dip because they used peanut vinaigrette for this one!

There were two dish I don’t remember what they are called all I remember was the white one was the sea food version and the red was the beef! The sauce taste like curry but with a twist!

Sam Yan (Php275.00) is an amazing vegetable mix with sweet and sour sauce!
Sam Yan

Chiang Mai Khao Soi (Php295.00)

It is called the pride of North of Thailand for nothing. It is made of chicken curry with two way egg noodles!

And yes, we had rice that night! Thai Fried Rice.
If you notice there are green strips of leaves in this fried rice and most of the food in the menu. Chef Cecille told us that for her to accept those who apply as her kitchen staff need to pass this leaf slicing thingy and perfect it just the way she does it. Imagine how hard it is to slice something to be as thin as hair like that! It will take skills I tell you!


As if all that food was not enough, we were served with a round of yummy Thai desserts!

Desserts @ Thai Bistro
Clockwise: Sorry but I don’t know the names but on top was a bird nest made with caramel strips, vanilla ice cream on top and chocolate syrup on the side! Thai Halo-Halo and Thai Gems!

We can’t barely finish all the food they served that day! It was a great thing to unwind with some white wine and margaritas as well. We had so much fun talking about so many things. This is what it’s like when you dine with great company and great food!

Of course group shots will not be missed! Obviously we loved the Thai Buddah displayed outside!

fashion & beauty blogger friends @ Thai Bistro


Fashion, Beauty and Food @ Thai Bistro
Paul the PR Guy, Ana the Fashion Commuter, Angela the Lush Angel, Aisa the Drowning in Equilibrium girl, Chef Cecille the Chef in Stiletto, Sarah the Fashion Eggplant,  Earthlingorgeous, Sophie the Beautynomics, our Dear Marj Sia,  Martha the Beauty Junkee, and Shen who has an addiction (Shen’s Addiction!)

Chef Cecille , the Chef in Stiletto, will be celebrating her birthday on October 25 and she has a special treat to all the dine-in customers for that day, compliments of the Chef herself! I suggest you schedule a lunch, dinner or meryenda date there on the 25th I am definite you will not regret it!

Thai Bistro is located at the ground level of Robinson’s Magnolia Town Center Aurora Blvd. Quezon City.

How about you, what is your favorite Thai cuisine, if any? Have you tried Thai Bistro yet?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  • shie 10/25/2012 at 9:26 pm Reply

    Seeing this post,I have two must list now for next week; check out Robinson’s Magnolia and try this Thai Bistro … you got me craving for Thai food now 🙂

  • Rizza 10/25/2012 at 5:18 pm Reply

    Looks really yumm… and a bit classy! Kaya kaya ito ng budget ko? Hmmm… 🙂

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