My 2015 birthday

I woke up at 4:47 am on January 12,2015 with a lot of laughter.  You know those moments when you are having a sad crying dream and you woke up sobbing?  Well, the opposite happened to me yesterday and this was the first time I remember that happened.  That was a great start of my day.

It was a bit early to wake at that time, but I did not want to go back to sleep because I was already in a good mood when I wake. Plus, I did not want to sleep back coz I might end up waking in a bad light.

Perked up my coffee, prepared breakfast for the daughter who also woke up early.  I’m trying my best for us to sleep before midnight as I want us to be asleep in the periods of the recovery period time for our body which is between 10pm to 3am.  If sleeping early meant waking early is OK for me as long as we woke after the recovery time.

My agenda for the day was go to the Habitat for Humanity build scheduled today then do something or go somewhere spontaneously after.  One of my birthday traditions is to visit places I’ve never been alone.  But with the birthday build scheduled first thing in the morning, I knew I will have a different kind of birthday celebration this year.  It is all good though, I am always up for new experiences.  Plus, my feng shui planner said it is a good day to do charity work so I did.


Habitat for Humanity Philippines is one of the charitable organizations and advocacy I support since Typhoon Yolanda.  I could not stress much further how a decent home can transform lives.


Contrary to what most people think Habitat does not just give houses to any random people and give it free. They give a house built for them by volunteers to deserving unpriveledged ones and then teach them livelihood so they can pay a very minimum amount to the house and lot given to them. It is subsidized housing, it is not totally free.


While you have heard of the cliche “don’t just give them fish but teach them how to fish,” the true sense of this cliche is what Habitat has been doing. They give you a home, they teach you responsibility to keep the home, they teach you a livelihood for sustainability, they build communities for people to have confidence and drive and believe they can rise from poverty and be a part of building a better nation.

This sums up why I support them.



My 2015 birthday

Coincidentally, the Habitat Build was scheduled to celebrate Alden Richards Birthday. Alden is also one of their Ambassadors.

Alden: Uy, birthday mo din pala. Capricorn ka rin pala.
Me: Oo pareho tayo.
Alden: Kelan ang birthday mo?
Me: Ngayon mismo. January 12.
Alden: Ah! Birthday mo pala talaga today ! Happy Birthday! (sabay kiss and hug)
Ako kasi ang totoo kong Birthday January 2. Pero ngayon lang kasi nasked yung birthday build. Para sa iyo pala to dapat.
Me: Maliit na bagay! Tara pichur tayo. (Ambango ni Alden nasinghot ko lahat hahaha at ramdam ko ang arms and abs haha!)


Alden: Beh, di ka ba nabibigatan dyan? (he seeing me pushing a wheel borrow)
Me: Hindi naman keri lang.
Alden: (Sabay lapit kuha ng wheel borrow) Alam mo eto dapat sayo eh tapos sakin yan (Sabay abot ng bucket na hawak nya).

After a few rounds of digging and transfering muds. I saw another wheel borrow to push around. Things with wheels makes it easier to transport things from one place to another. Alden saw me again.

Alden: Di ka ba talaga nabibigatan dyan?
Me: Hindi okay lang saka magandang arms workout ‘to.
Alden: Sige na nga! Sabi mo eh.


Aside from Alden who made this birthday build special, I was glad to be with some blogger friends whom I convinced to join the build today coz its my birthday! haha! The never ending kwentuhan at kalokohan and planning for something we still don’t know what hahahaa! It will come eventually!


After the build spontaneously went on a mini food tripping with my blogger friends the Clingers haha (our term of endearment for each other) Ruth dela Cruz, Rodel Flordeliz and John Michael Bueno.

We went to Pamana resto at Esguera St. across ABS-CBN. We were actually still full from lunch so we had our hand at trying the Heart Evangelista recommended Pinoy Desserts Pinoy Fondue. The Pinoy Fondue has melted chocolate fondue and bite size servings of Suman, Puto, Kuchinta and (were still discussing which really it was an Espasol or Putobumbong). The Putobumbong/Espasol and Kuchinta went well best with the choco sauce!


While eating we were brainstorming and nitpicking on some photoshopped photo of a super staged incident at a secret gathering (hahaha!)



John was having a craving, so we went for a walk to wherever he wanted to eat. Passed through ABS-CBN compound where Rodel and Ruth said it was their first time in there! Haha I used to work there so been there lots of times already! They reminded me though of my college classmates when I took them for a tour in there before.


Next Birthday Food Trip stop was the Big-D Smokehouse. The place was so nice like a hole in the wall in a rustic old brick building. We owned the place that time and day. It was just the four of us. So cozy and fun. We had their giant tacos as big as a plate! The Wild Buffalo Wings and a Vineagrette Salad.


Still more silly talks about life and where we are heading and messing around. I enjoyed being with these guys. Crazy bunch!


Until it was time to go home and separate ways (coz Rodel had a 5pm taping). I went with John as he showed me the way to get to EDSA we just rode the jeep like cowboys we are lolz! Mh next jeep ride was no longer with him coz he just live near the area. I passed by Sacred Heart Church and I wanted to alight the jeep but was not able to coz I dunno where I am lol. I need to see EDSA first before maybe going back. Well what do you know I was just a block away.

Seeing the time I decided to not go back and find another church to visit. I took the MRT using the MRT card he gave me last time we saw each other last year MRT was not that crowded yet. Search Google for a Church at Boni Ave. Mandaluyong and popped San Felipe Church. Down to MRT Boni Station I took a tricycle to San Felipe.

Me: Kuya sa San Felipe Church.
Barker ng tricycle: 70 pesos po papunta doon.
Me: Malayo ba yon?
Barker: Opo malayo

So, I rode the tricycle even if I did not believe it was that “expensive for a tricycle ride. Maybe they were just hustling me. But I trust more the tricycle drivers here than taking a cab to a place I don’t know. Tricycle drivers at the Boni station know the area like the back of their hands.

OMG! We went to the deepest part of Mandaluyong. They weren’t joking. San Felipe was far! I was just praying I remember the route back or see another tricycle back to EDSA!

Then after maybe what seemed like 20 minutes, the driver stoped at the side of the road. “Eto na po. San Felipe simbahan!” “Salamat po! Malayo nga!” I mustered.


I got there somewhere around 430pm or so. From the outside it looked small but when I got inside it was huge and the altar was beautiful. My eyes were still adjusting from the light to dark but I already can see the trip was worth it.

Said my prayes and explored the church, it was a very old church. I went up the balcony to admire some more and took photos. Went down and lighted a candle. Took photos of the facade of the church where I read that San Felipe Church was 150 year old church! Awesome!

I decided to stay longer and join the 6pm mass. There was a Novena for San Lorenzo Ruiz which they do every Monday at 530pm.


Going home I took a jeepney to EDSA when I saw jeepney signs going to Boni-MRT EDSA. Fare was Php8.50…Ah it was way way cheaper. But I realized tricycle drivers are not allowed on the main route/highway so they go to a longer road.


Coming home, my mom immediately informed me that somebody sent a cake! She was kinda annoyed with the delivery procedure though coz since I wasn’t there to recieve it the delivery person took a pic of her with the cake. “Hindi pa naman ako nakaayos pinichuran pa nya ako, kainis!” Hahaha my moms crazy quirks! Now you know where I got mine!

The cake was gorgeous! With three hearts of different sized and a macaroon! It was a belgian chocolate cake from Tous Les Jours so yummy! Thank you!


My sister checked to see if I want something to eat. Well I did not have anything long to eat yet so maybe pancit or spaghetti. She went home wih Chicken and Spag from McDonalds our favorite spaghetti! haha!

Washed them down with an ice cold delicious Belgian Witber Style Beer better than Hoegaarden!

By 11ishpm I was sound asleep with fulfilment inside because

  • I was able to do something different for my birthday
  • I helped an advocacy I supported all these years. Alex de Vera even said I always help Habitat on my birthday last year I donated this year I worked my muscles with them!
  • I went to a church I’ve never been.
  • I celebrated in Manila with blogger friends eating out atvplaces I have not tried before.
  • Travelled alone even in Manila only and saw new things and learned history!

This was a good birthday. But I am not done celebrating yet. I still want to go away this month! hehe!

I would like to thank everyone who remembered me on my birthdate and those who took time to write a greeting on my Facebook page. This is one of the good things about social media, it makes one feel very special on their birthday because of the never ending birthday greetings from friends ( old and new, near and far) and friends you’ve never seen for real or friends you haven’t seen in ages.

  • Here is hoping for more adventures and experiences. Another best year is about to come. I can feel it!

So here is how my 2015 birthdate went. How about you how do you celebrate your birthday?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. ang saya naman, daming mong nagawa at nangyari nung birthday mo… may bonus pa – ang makasama ang pogi at mabangong si Alden Richards haha…

    malapit lang sa amin ang San Felipe Church. kung sa jeepney drivers ka nakapagtanong, sana MRT-Boni na jeep ka na lang sumakay. 🙂

    Happy birthday ulit! 🙂

  2. Super fun day! Glad you enjoyed your day and wow, that church looks nice! Happy birthday again! 🙂

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