Korean Food Trip @ Bulgogi Brothers

Being forced to eat mostly home cooked/ fast food delivery food since my mom got sick has got me and my sister crave for something we don’t usually eat at home.   So while taking a walk across the SM Mall of Asia Manila Bay area trying to find a place to eat, we saw the Bulgogi Brothers signage and we though maybe that’s a nice place to eat.

I don’t know much about Bulgogi Brothers but looking at the wide selection of their menu I see that they offer authentic Korean dishes.  I am glad we tried out the place, I enjoyed dining in there.  Serving is good to share.  Resto staff are friendly and judging from the type of customers they get.  They definitely serve authentic Korean dishes as most of the costumers in there are Koreans!

Bulgogi Brothers silverware spoon and chopsticks
We were there on a Halloween night and there were a number of Korean customers who are even in their trick or treating costume which is way cool and cute. I wish I was able to take some pic but knowing when to be bloggerish I did not.  The resto was tuned into some Korean TV channel featuring Korean boy bands and Korean comedy shows.  I don’t understand what they say and I don’t even understand the subtitle because it was in Korean but still I was enjoying the show, it was entertaining!

So yeah, about the food!  The food was great!

Just after placing your orders, the restaurant crew will provide you with their complimentary welcome food:   boiled sweet potatoes, quail eggs and corn

Welcome food
Then they will serve their complimentary House Tea of the Day… for our visit the featured tea for the day was the Okusha Cha which according to the info on the thermos is Corn Tea which is good for those with high-blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney problems. It is basically pinaglagaan ng mais!

Okusha Cha
Another complimentary food they serve is the appetizers: vegetable salads (kimchi) spicy but yummy!

Then our orders came!

Sogogi Japchae (Php350.00)  

Bulgogi Brother's Japche

A must try!  Dubu Steak (Php245.00)

Bulgogi Brothers Dubu Steak

and the star of the night’s dinner… Bibimbap (regular price is Php395.00 but because they have a 50% off on Wednesday promo for Bibimbap we only paid Php197.50!)

Bulgogi Brothers Bibimbap

The waiter asked if we want it mildly spicy only or super spicy, I’m glad we said mild only as for our standard what she did was kinda very spicy for us already. But I’m not complaining, it is very good and I love the very authentic Korean vibe in this resto!

Bulgogi Brothers Bibimbap

I also tried out their Raspberry Tea Mint Php150.00 (me being a berry person, I didn’t like this much, I suggest you get some other beverage)

Rasberry Tea Mint

We were almost about to bill-out when I saw the group in there ordered for some Korean ice cream and the waitress came with a basket-full of selections! Being ice cream lovers that we are we ordered for ourselves too! I had the Melona Strawberry Icecream (Php75.00) my daughter had the Encho (Php75.00)  Chocolate crispies kinda like the pinipig crunch but better, yummy chocolate coating on the outside with rice crispies, vanilla on the middle and on the center was delicious chocolate!

Korean Ice Cream Melona and Encho
My Melona was not the usual ice cream popsicles we have here, it was pure ice cream, creamy and delicious straweberry ice cream!

Here’s some folks enjoying their food at the resto just to show you the ambiance

Dining area
Diners are mostly Korean families or group of friends!
Bulgogi Brothers dining area
Korean Food Trip @ Bulgogi Brothers
We ordered too much for our tiny stomachs so we had some of our orders for take-out! I enjoyed the food, I love the ambiance, I will definitely come back and try more of the Korean dishes they offer here!

How about you, have you tried Bulgogi Brother’s yet? If not you should, you will love it! Promise!

We tried out the branch at SM Mall of Asia (near the Manila Bay area near Italiannis)  They also have branches in  Greenbelt 5, Alabang Town Center and Harbor Point Mall in Subic.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. I have only experienced eating in a Korean Restaurant and just like you, I love Korean Authentic dishes.

    The welcome food is indeed welcoming especially if it comes for free and the side dishes is superb and usually unlimited.

    I wish to visit a Korean Restaurant soon. I don’t think Bulgogi Brothers is already in our city.

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