Bra Style Guide: How To Look Your Best

Let’s face it, bra shopping can be tedious. But it’s important to choose a boulder holder to suit your outfit. The right lingerie will give you the shape and support, but what’s the difference between each garment? And which ones will suit you the most?


T-shirt bra

Whether you’ve had a breast augmentation procedure or are flat-chested and proud, you can pull off a seam free, t-shirt bra. This style suits almost everyone and looks great underneath casual clothes and soft materials as it leaves no lines. Also known as a smooth bra, this design often has moulded cups which gently push your assets together, but it’s not uncomfortable or restrictive.


Full cup bra

If you have a large chest, it might be a good idea to invest in a quality full-cup bra. Choose something with underwire, extra hooks at the back and strong straps and you’ll have plenty of support. As the material covers the whole of your assets, you won’t have much cleavage on show, so it’s best to wear higher cut tops with this garment. If you do wish to wear something more revealing, however, opt for a balconette design instead as this tends to plunge lower at the front.


Minimiser bra

Fitted tops and shirts with buttons can pull and stretch if you have a large chest. The good news is, minimising bras can stop this from happening without having a breast reduction procedure, as they help to reduce the size of your bust. Of course, your boobs don’t actually get smaller, but the breast tissue is repositioned – making them look more petite. This can help you slide into a wide range of outfits, but won’t make you feel too squished or confined. As always, it’s essential to choose a well-fitting bra, so get measured in every store before making a purchase.


Strapless bra

If you’ve hit the high street of late you will know there are plenty of off the shoulder and boob tube dresses available. These are ideal for the party season, but make sure you buy a strapless bra that goes with your new frock. There are many designs available, but try everything on together to ensure you get enough uplift. It’s worth noting that many normal bras also come with removable straps and so you might prefer to buy something of this kind.


Bras might not be at the top of your shopping list, but they really are worth spending some money on.


Personally, I love T-shirt Bras and the Minimiser Bandeau Bra with underwire so as to get full protection for my bossoms and as to prevent sagging at an early age! Haha!   How about you, what kind of brassier you like best?

Stay gorgeous everyone!


  1. i am not so maarte with my under wears though everyone keeps on telling me that i shud atleast invest a really nice onehhaha great tips and infos for me! xx

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