Back-to-School Fashion Tips from Manila’s Top Fashion Bloggers (Part 1)

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Back-to-School Fashion Tips from Manila’s Top Fashion Bloggers (Part 1)

I was suppose to write a back-to-school fashion must-have items for an online portal but my “editor” informed me the last minute that we are changing our topic for the June issue and instead asked me to write about after summer hair care tips. I already asked some of my favorite Manila fashion bloggers and I don’t want to waste the pretty good info they’ve shared to me.

Here is 1st of two parts Back-to-school Fashion Must Have tips I gathered.

Must have fashion items for men by: David Guison of DGManila 🙂

1. nice fitting jeans (they’re versatile and you can wear them the whole school year),
2. a basic shirt (no one will notice when you repeat them in school!)
3. a backpack/messenger bag (to keep your notebooks, laptop etc–make sure it’s still stylish..but functional of course),
4. sneakers (something stylish and comfy for everyday wear)
5. watch (can’t be late for class!)

Must have fashion items for women by: Ana Gonzalez of Fashion Commuter

1) Basic white shirt – you can wear during lazy days, and can dress it up wd right pieces and accessories on other days
2) Skinny black jeans – another closet staple you can dress up or down
3) Black and nude flats – comfy to walk from one classroom to next, basic, will go with anything
4) Black pumps – for defense, reportings, etc
5) Oversize bag – choose a bag which can carry most of your things – like your books, notebooks, laptop, etc

Thanks baby David and Ana for the fashion tips.   Seph Cham of and Ava Te-Zabat of Artsy Fartsy Ava will give their tips next.

See them in person on June 1, 2013 at the Bloggers United Five Bazaar #BU5 where you can buy all of the items they mentioned at a discounted price!   I am giving away passes to #BU5  bazaar here!  I am also participating in the bazaar and will be selling some makeup items I only swatched once or twice for review and some clothes too!

Thanks Madhouse Manila for our lovely #BU5 posters!

I hope to see you all there at the bazaar!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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