Swedish Massage Treat At Blue Water Day Spa

For busy always on the go moms like me, treating yourself once in a while for a spa treatment, especially one of those full body massages really helps.

Last Thursday, I was lucky to get another spa treat from Blue Water Day Spa Capitol Hills, Quezon City branch and this time I, together with two other blogger girlfriends, were given a Swedish Massage. This type of massage is one of their special touches massage that helps the body release stress and it relieves muscle spasms and tension.

I think I had a lot of muscle spasms I was cringing most of the time whenever the masseur hits the spot on my back. But I have no complaints I wanted her to melt them away.


After registering and answering a simple form about our medical history, we were shown to the girls locker/shower room where we got out of our clothes and in our robes to have a 15 minute sauna and shower before the massage.

My Locker
Towels, Robe and Shorts
Ready To Shower
Shower Time
Dry Sauna

Spa Girlfriends
Massage Bed
Waiting for our therapist
After the Massage
Happy With Our Spa Date


A light and healthy snack were served after, some tuna sandwiches and fruits and iced tea.


  1. i love massages, pero nagpapa home service lang ako sa Spa moments here in our place para diretso na sleep after the massage. Very relaxing talaga.

  2. How was their massage service? How was your experience? How much did it cost you? What is the address and contact number of this spa?

  3. Author

    Oo Rowena nice shower maganda sa back massage 🙂

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