How To Store Make Up & Skin Care Products In A Hot Tropical Weather

Make up and skin care products, especially cream based ones, easily melt on a temperature over 25C.  If you look at the packaging of each cream based makeup you have you will see storage instructions to keep it in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight exposure.  If you live in a hot tropical weather country like the Philippines, this will be one of your biggest makeup challenge  — a cool storage area in your homes for your make up and cosmetics!

An easy answer to this would be to keep your makeup in an air conditioned room in your homes. But admit it or not, majority of the homes in the Philippines don’t have aircon. Even if we do, we don’t leave the aircon on all the time especially when we are away.    So, how do you store your make up and skin care products  in a hot tropical weather like ours?

Simple! Keep it in the refrigerator!


Yes, storing your cream based make up in the fridge will keep it from melting and ruined easily! The best place to store your makeup is at the vegetable compartment or at the egg/milk/butter storage by the door of your fridge.

  • Place lipsticks in a lightweight storage plastic box so as to keep them organized and not mess your refs.
  • Place cream based foundation on plastic bottles as well.
  • You can also store your skin care products in the fridge as most skin care product are cream based and melts faster than makeup

I’ve been storing my makeup and skincare products in our fridge since I started acquiring so many cosmetics and skin care products and I must say, the space is not enough anymore as I’ve been receiving new products almost every week! I am not complaining though I am very much thankful for all these blessings.

I’m actually planning to buy a personal refrigerator so as to separate what I put on my face and body to what I eat and drink! I’ve been looking at these hundreds of fridge freezers and three of the personal refs caught my fancy.    I like the first two because they have enough space and compartments so I can organize the cosmetics I will store in them from lipstick, foundation, eye creams, moisturizers and lotions! Haha!   The third one is too tiny, but I like the design, so I might have mine customized into something like this, and of course I will have it in pink!

How about you, how do you store your makeup and skin care products in this hot tropical weather we have?  Share please!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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  1. i put some of my makeup sa chiller but most of the time, its just in the car — which is bad cause nababad sya sa init :s oh wells

  2. We don’t have any more space in our fridge for me to do this! Haha.

    I turn my AC off in my room too when I leave the house, but it doesn’t really get hot enough in the room to melt any of my makeup. None of my lipsticks, concealers, or anything have deformed and the like. Phew!

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