PILI Beauty Philippines Homegrown Beauty Products from Bicol

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PILI Beauty Philippines Homegrown Beauty Products from Bicol

When I first saw Pili, I thought there’s two kinds of Pili in Filipino language, one was Pili as choose and the other was Pili the delicious kind of nut endemic to Bicol.

Upon reading the packaging, I learned that it is the nut from Bicol. They use the Pili oil for making the ingredients for the products they sell. What I love about the products is that it’s purely organic plus the fact that it helps the Bicol Region more income stream from their most popular product .

Just recently they sent out the products they sell and I was excited to try them out immediately. Here is my unboxing and quick swatches and review:

The Story of Pili Beauty

As Bicol’s signature tree, the Pili stands as a metaphor for the region.  It is highly resilient to the storms that regularly pass through Bicol.  Endemic to the Philippines, local farmers have long been cultivating Pili. The nut of the Pili tree, especially, has become its most famous by-product. A ubiquity in shops that sell delicacies, it has become the region’s leading commodity.

However, for organic agricultural advocate, Rosalina“Rose” Tan, Director of Elemie Naturals Inc. makers of Pili brand of natural personal care products, as well as the founding presidentof the Organic Producers Trade Association (OPTA), chose to push pili’s potential further than standard pasalubong fare.

“As an advocate for adopting an organic lifestyle, I wanted to explore other uses of pili that stays true to my beliefs,” says Rose, “I wanted to come up with a product that benefits both the customers and the people that make them.”

Pili Beauty Pili Farmers at work

The Start and Science of PILI Beauty

In 2004, while collaborating with a team of scientists from one of thetop universities in the country, Rose experimented the use of the meticulously processed Pili oil to various personal care products including soaps, lotions, lipsticks, etc. having in mind to inject the natural moisturizing and other benefits properties inherent in the extracted Pili oil. Since then this has led to new potential applications of the oils extracted from different parts of the Pili tree. This was the start of Pili Beauty and Wellness.

Clinical testing reveals that its components contain high level of carotenoids (anti-oxidant), phytosterols (reduces inflammation), tocopherol (maintains healthy cells), oleic acid (hydrating properties), and linolenic acid (moisturizing properties).

All these ingredients found in every PILI Beauty & Wellness natural personal care product, not only makes it a powerful anti-oxidant and natural germicide, but it also an ultra-hydrating moisturizer.

Elemie Naturals is the mother company producing the Pili Beauty. Elemie Naturals believes in promoting premium quality Philippine beauty and wellness products that are derived straight from nature. For more information about Pili Beauty is available at  www.pilibeauty.com

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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