Cosmetic Procedures For Men

Plastic surgery is a procedure that is conventionally associated with women. As clients of Panama City plastic surgery know, Botox and liposuction procedures are not just for women. Men are taking advantage of the convenient scheduling that is possible at the Medical Cosmetic Center. Many times, they can come into the center for a treatment during a lunch break and go back to work afterwards.

cosmetic treatment for men
Dr. Van Ivers understands that men have different cosmetic needs than women. Because their bodies have more testosterone, they tend to have a higher oil secretion in their skin. Higher levels of oil can promote conditions like acne. Men also have thicker skin and significantly more hair growth. However, the thicker skin on their faces undergoes exfoliation daily when they shave. Proper exfoliation can soften skin and make it smoother. This is an advantage regular shaving men have over women.

One of the conditions that Dr. Ivers treats in male patients is gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. Both men and women have levels of estrogen and testosterone in their bodies. Gynecomastia condition is caused by an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone and can occur in one breast or both, sometimes unevenly.

There are also some other medical conditions that can make circumstances ripe for gynecomastia. Malnutrition and a disorder of the testes are two of those conditions. Certain medications, like those for hypertension, prostate cancer and ulcers, can also trigger this condition. Gynecomastia has also been linked to the use of recreational drugs that people tend to abuse like heroin and marijuana.

Dr. Ivers uses a procedure for gynecomastia called SmartLipo. This is a laser treatment that uses traditional liposuction to melt fat and tighten the overlying skin. The laser part of the procedure is done first to melt the fat and then liposuction removes the fat that has been melted. Most of the time, this all takes place while the patient is awake.

Other men’s liposuction procedures improve the neck and chin, arms, abdomen, legs and love handles. Dr. Ivers has built a solid practice around treating people the way he would want to be treated: with compassion, respect and details. He believes the doctor-patient relationship is one that is a partnership rather than the patient simply yielding to the doctor’s suggestions. Instead, Dr. Ivers works with each patient to find a solution that is the right one for a great physical, emotional and psychological outcome.

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