UNICEF Auction for Action 3 to Fund Supervised Neighborhood Play Program

Studies in the Philippines show that only three out ten children have access to daycare and any form of learning.

Yesterday, I was invited to the sneak preview of UNICEF Philippines 3rd Auction for Action at the Yuchengco Museum at the RCBC Tower in Makati where I was able to see the lust-worthy items up for auction to benefit a unique education program that will provide children access to early learning via Supervised Neighborhood Play Program.

Unicef Auction for Action Year 3 launch at Yuchengco Museum
UNICEF believes that Supervised Neighborhood Play (SNP) is a simple,low-cost and easy to organize home-based early learning program where trained day care workers or parent volunteers gather young children in a house, a shaded lay area or under a tree for two to three hours, everyday for at least ten months to help children learn through organized play.  UNICEF supports SNP program in remote, conflict, or disaster-affected communities and informal settlers located in urban and rural areas.

Parents are generally unaware that various forms of play actually keeps children healthy and sharpen a child’s skill in listening, self-expression, observation and other skills for beginning literacy.   Playing both structured and unstructured, lays foundation for a child’s development and confidence, develop language skills, thinking, planning, organizing and decision-making.  Children learn language quickly and easily through hearing and singing songs, having stories told or read to them, repeating rhymes and playing games.

With all these said, I definitely am excited to bid for any item I can afford!  There are just so many lust-worthy items you can bid for at this auction. Here’s just some of the items that caught my fancy!

I was immediately drawn by the SIGNED books by the authors themselves!

Signed Books at Auction for Action for Unicef

Waaah Mitch Albom signed The Time Keeper!

The Time Keeper book signed by Mitch Albom

All these books were donated by National Bookstore! How generous!

SIGNED books for auction!

I want them all!

SIGNED books for auction!

Now with fellow book lover Kira Ramirez

SIGNED books for auction!
Next on my list are the jewelries! This Double Happiness Cuff and Transformers Earrings!

I WANT these Jewelry pieces from Unicef Auction for Action
This pouf I’m sitting on and that mirror behind me!

the mirror and aquare pouf is also for bidding at Ujicef Auctionbfor Auction
Modern art home decor items!

Att installations and Home Accessories by Kennet Cobonpue etc at Unicef Auction for Action
more home decors at Unicef Auctionnfor Action
And paintings!

Raymond Legaspi painting at Unicef Auction for Action

Willibald Zeck painting at Unicef Auction for Action
I know the items all look good but they are way so much better in person! I took a video and will share it as soon as it’s uploaded. Meanwhile…

Auction for Action is an online auction curated and presented by UNICEF Special Advocate for Children Daphne Osena-Paez  that will start on October 21-27, 2013 You may visit www.ebay.ph/unicef. At the moment you may preview items for auction at www.unicef.ph

Unicef Auction for Action Year 3
Have you seen a piece that is screaming your name? Save save save and bid bid bid soon I hope!

with Daphne Osnea at the Auction for Action for Unicef

When I grow-up I wanna do something like Daphne does too! She’s such an inspiration!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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