Canmake Tokyo Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Collection Kit

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Canmake Tokyo Spring/Summer 2014 Makeup Collection Kit

Kawaii makeup fans, here’s something to look forward to.  Come March 2014 , Canmake Tokyo Spring/Summer 2014 makeup collection kit will be out in their stores here in Manila.

Canmake Sprjng/Summer 2014 collection composes of Spring’s trendiest red lip gloss the Candy Wrap Lip #14 that is manufactured in a couple hundred pieces only!.

The Lash Care Essence, a Hall of Famer @cosme in #1 Japan makeup site, that promises to repair damage lashes.

Two fabulous makeup brushes: the highlight brush and Cheek brush is the softest brush you can encounter at a very affordable price.  Both are made of synthetic hair.

And Japan’s most favorite blush, Glow Fleur Cheeks 05 with its cite packaging, highly pigmented color, handy size and amazing blush brush it is definitely a must have.

It was great to finally meet the people rssponsible for bringing Canmake Tokyo here in the Philippines I can’t wait to tell you about my experience using the above products.

I am also very much interested in getting their waterbased makeup remover!

How about you ladies, have you tried Canmake Tokyo before? How was it?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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