GlamGlow YouthMud TingleExfoliate Treatment Review

Since I reached my 30’s, I become obsessed woth skincare products or anything that can help ke delay the signs of ageing.  You know wrjnkles and saggy skin.  I don’t want them.  So, when I find a product that I can see actual result I stick with it no matter how many new product comes my way but never delivers.


When I was invited to the launch of GlamGlow in the Philippines, I got super excited.  I haven’t got the chance to try it out then but I’ve seen  Hollywood celebrities I love like Natalie Portman swear by it, and boy she looks flawless.

Product Info


Designed as a 10 minute “facian in a jar” for behind the scenes use in Hollywood Entertainment, Music, Fashion & award industry for men and women. Groundbreaking patent pending TEOXI is Glamglow proprietary time-release technology for instant cam-ready glowing skin.

Product Shots

This is the 15g tub it comes in a 30g tub too.

On my Face/How to Use

It is best to use a foundation brush so you get the right amount of product and spread it evenly all over your face.
You will feel a tingling sensation as soon as you apply. Don’t worry it’s normal. It means the product is working it’s magic on your skin.
This is how the product looks like while it’s wet. It looks green and there are some chunks of dark green stuff you might scoop out and put on your face. That’s one of it’s magic ingredient (tea leaf or marine stuff haha!)
Wait for 10 minutes or if the entire product dries out. Actually in some cases one area of the face takes longer to dry because it is not actually wet itbis the oil from your skin. It means you are oily that area.

Wash the product off with light circular motions as you rinse it off!

Viola! Soft, smooth, glowing skin, even without makeup!


What I think of Glamglow YouthMud?
I am enamored by this product. It is so addicting because it not onky makes your skin glow in an instant, it relaxes and soothes you while you have the mud on. It has this peppermint and tea scent that will remind you of a spa! I love it.
The tingling sensation is normal it will disappear in a few minutes.
I used this 15g tub for about 5 times and I want mors. I hsed it every week especially when I have a big event or date coming so as to make me look so pretty confident and glowing the entire day hahaha!
Using this made me lookn10byears younger I swear. My skin look so supple and bouncy and it was a lot easier to apply makeup, it glides on.

Do I recommend this product?
Yes! Don’t give it a second thought grab one and I am sure you will feel restless without it. It is so addicting in a good way!

How about you have you tried Glamglow yet? If not better get one now, I promise you won’t regret. A 15g tub is just Php375.00 find i lt at SM Aura Beauty Department or at Art of Scents branches.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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