#WIWTD 15: Music Festival

Okay, this is an uber late #WIWTD post. I lost track and I actually though I have poated about my Music Festival outfit already but I did not. So here it is, what I wore at one of the most epic Music Festival in the Philippines to date — the 7107 Music Festival held at the Clark Field Pampangga.

7107 music fest

7107 represents the 7,107 islands of the Philippines!
musoc festival #wiwtd #ootd

The stage at the amusic Fest represents the Sun on the Philippibe flag!
#Wiwtd music festival lookmusic festival look

As you can see people at the Music Festival are allbwearing comfy clothes like tank tops, shorts, and shirts!
#wiwtd music festivalmysic festival look

Because it can getvso hot in there you might wanna take all your clothes off! Or keep them on but attract a lot of attention as well! Like these blokes who came from the other side of the world just to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing that day!

music festival looks

What to wear at a music festival? Here’s a guide:

what to wear on a music festival

Following the dress code this is Wjat i Wore that Day!

music festival look #wietd #ootdWhat I wore:
Tank Top – Romwe
Denim Shorts – Mint
Sneakers – Converse

#wiwtd #ootd music festI love Converse!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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