This is What You Need for Your Makeup to Survive the Summer Heat

The most dreadful thing for those who wear makeup on a summer time is the vulnerability of the makeup they put on to last. With the scorching summer heat I am sure you have experience gettjng your makeup melt as soon as you put it on. It is such a hassle!

Before March 2014 ended, Metro Manila experienced one of the hottest and humid days after the Ber months cool breeze. As soon as I put my foundation on, it started to melt off which is so annoying and a hassle. See when makeup melts on your face you get really oily, shiny and you feel sticky. Not good if you are going to 3 events in a day.

Good thing I grabbed this Make Up Forever Professional Mist and Fix during their opening at SM Mega Fashion Hall it is now my life safer!

Make Up For Ever Professional Mist & Fix review
Product Info
Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Make-up Fixer Mist is a light and comfortable spray containing Chitosan Marine Extracts. It sets makeup perfectly and act as an invisible barrier against extreme conditions (environmental pollutants,temperature changes etc.)

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Just spray it on after completing makeup application. Make sure to close your eyes when you do so.

stress reliever play with makeup
What I think of it?

  • I love the cooling effect as soon as it sprayed on.
  • I love how it sets my makeup perfectly and makes my look so fresh and nice.
  • I love that I no longer need to retouch my makeup no matter how hot and humid it is outside. I even got compliments about how I always look good and they never see me sweat and that my makeup looks so put together.

Do I recommend this Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix?
Absolutely. Every woman inbthe world who uses makeup needs this. It will make you makeup last the whole day through, even a sleep over just don’t get you face wet. Trust me I’ve used this at the Sandbox Adventure where we were exposed to extreme heat and sand and an overnight with a friend and wow it stays put!

The Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix is sold at Php1,520.00 per 125ml bottle spray. It will last for months if you are using it for personal use. The price you pay is worth it.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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