WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cats

I’ve been out partying again last night. I know, I’ve been partying a lot. But hey it is all clean fun. I drink but I don’t smoke or do drugs and I party with people I trust and it depends on the occasion. Last night it was all about Shameless Pleasures at Gramercy 71 (will blog more about that soon) and the #OneVibePH party to official cap my summer of 2014. I definitely had an epic summer 2014, I love it! Thank you universe!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat

At party 1 we were asked at the party How do we please ourselves? What it our shameless pleasure?

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat

Chocolates, Ice Cream and Zumba that’s my shameless pleasure. I like sweets and something that make me sweat haha!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat
With the two Ruth’s and Divine Lee

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat
Selfie/ Threesome pic with Ruth dela Cruz and Marjorie Pineda-Uy

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat
It’s a shower party! Hahaha!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat
Moving on to party #2!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat

That’s Apl de Ap in the house! See the crowd!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat

Party all night with Chivas and Absolute!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat
With the two Ruth’s Ruth dela Cruz and Ruth Floresca, and Tricia Pablo and Nixon Sy! What an awesome party!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat
And hello to DJ Rico Robles!

WIWTD #23 : Freedom Party Cat

Please Nixon and Tricia if you read this please let’s keep it among us about the mishap about Luke Mijares hahahaha!

WIWTD #23: Freedom Party Cat

What I Wore:
Cat Sweater from ROMWE
Bag from ROMWE
Sandals from VNC bought in Kuala Lumpur
Accessories from Avon Fashions

OOTD shots taken at Gramercy 71 and SM MOA Concert Grounds


  1. It was a full blast of fun!!! and anyway, I love your shoes <3

  2. whoah!!! that was totally a full blast of fun. I like your shoes!! 🙂

  3. Nice short hair of Earth. Well, a way too good of your taste in fashion. You are such a lovely lady.

  4. Great party, momma! and true that there’s nothing wrong about partying if it’s clean good fun! Love your outfit!

  5. So pretty babe! sayang wala tayong photo together!!!! T______T

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