Skipping Sunblock? Better Start Using Now!

If you have been skipping putting on sunblock because you feel or think you don’t beed it just yet, well take a look at this!

The damaging effects of the sun on unprotected skin was exposed using an ultraviolet camera by Artist Thomas Leveritt.

Random people were asked to looked at the cam in normal setting and ultraviolet setting and the people were shocked by what they saw. Even those with clear skin on a regular camera setting shows got invisible freckles, dark spots and something else on their faces. These were the changes that happens with people as we age and get exposed to the sun. These are sun’s ultraviolet rays damages on our skin that we can actually prevent if we use sunblock religiously!

Now I gotta apply sunblock more religiously than I did before!

My 3 favorite sunblock brands for the face are:
Belo Essentials, Nivea Sun, Kiehl’s it’s non-sticky or greasy and very light and you can use it as your makeup base and apply it under your makeup.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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