Lazada Fashion and LZD Premium

Known before as just an online shopping site for gadgets and tools Lazada now finally ventured on fashion.

Flying in their Lazada fashion army headed by Anna, Lazada  finally launched  the LZD  fashion brand .

LZD fashion

The LZD brand has an array of pieces that suits every mood of a modern woman.  The type who wants to be sporty one day and super pretty girl next door the next and a sexy fierce lady from time to time. Each pieces was carefully designed and made for LZD only.


Aside from clothes LZD also carries shoes and bags to compliment and complete your look.

LZD shoes and bag

But among all the pieces as collections I saw I am most exited about the release of LZD Premium!

LZD PremiumLZD Premium will be released in. January 2015 with every piece I the collection having very limited stocks like only 50 pieces each! 

If you are as excited as me check out the prices and other items from Lazada fashion at www.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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