10 Things I Love at Linguini Fini at Mega Fashion Hall

10 Things I Love at Linguini Fini at Mega Fashion Hall

Just right after our Pole Dancing session with the Polecats Manila, we decided to have lunch at SM Megamall. It was already past 1pm when we got there and still undecided what to eat. So we let Baus decide where to go we will just have to meet us coz he had to park. Then he called us and said to meet at Linguini Fini.

I’ve been seeing this place since last October 2014 but have not given it a chance until now.  I was pleasantly surprised as I browse the menu, “OMG! Italian food! I want them all“, I secretly mussed.

I did not have to read the menu I just have to look at the picture and see which catches my eye.

I love Italian food,” I told everyone on our table out loud.

Me too!” Baus, Henry and Ruth agreed delightly in a chorus.

I will pick Italian over Japanese, Korean or Chinese anytime of the day,” I said.

I agree. It is so nice to find out everyone in this table love Italian!” Henry said.

After the server took our orders, my attention turned into the beautiful interiors of Linguini Fini. I was very much attracted by the murals on the walls.

1.The Mural painted walls

That’s a carabao and Jose Rizal on the wall at the front left size coming in the resto.
A mother piggy with written menu on it at the right side in between the bar and kitchen!  Check out the drum stools!
Then a rooster and Manny Pacquiao at the back center!
The color scheme and interior design is so rustic and homey and a little sporty, kinda 70s feel but very effortless and has this Italian influence but some Pinoy touches as well because of the murals design and the combination of furniture and fixtures. Super like!

2. The Rustic and Effortless Interiors

3. Artsy and clean restroom

Even the toilet is very artsy with its red brick wall and graffiti! I have to see the toilet as the servers said I might want to see the “ganap” in there as they saw how I swoon at every corners and details of the resto.


And since I was falling inlove with the place so much catching every detail I love, I noticed all servers were wearing red sneakers, Red Chucks by Converse to be exact.

4-5.  Friendly staff wearing Red Chucks!

So I asked the server: “Why are you all wearing red chucks?”
It is part of our uniform ma’am!” he answered.
So I asked him to strike a pose for me so I can show my friends from Converse this! Haha! They might want to hold an event here one of these dayd haha!

The restaurant supervisors and the staff were very accommodating and allowed us to take photos. They gamely answered every inquiry I have about the resto the design and everything else.

Linguini Fini is owned by a group of Filipino-American who are friends turned to resto owners. The first Linguini Fini originated in HongKong. This one was their first in the Philippines. The murals was made by UP arts.

After raving about the place let me tell you about the very delicious food we had! We were all like mmmmmmmm-ing in every bite! Not because were really hungry but the food was really good!

6.The Porchetta (pronounced as porketa) is a must-try!
Crunchy on the outside and savory on the inside. What makes it cery special was the stuffing on the middle and the special sauce on the side!

7. Then this raw beef sirloin strips that I forgot its name. Yes, you’ll forget your name too when you try it haha! Just show this pic if you wanna order it! Haha!

8. The Chicken Liver pasta is also good! Like yum!

If you are a tomato based pasta sauce kind of person, then don’t forget the Paradelle so so delicioso, it is incomparable to thw other Italian resto red sauces you’ve tried here in the Philippines, promise!

9.The Paradelle

We also had baked Salmon that is equally good as well.

Usually when your dining out with friends, there will be a lot of left-overs, but since we all enjoyed everything we ordered there was nearly no food left on our table!

10. Price

Each plate was good to share the Paradelle is Php480 a plate, the Porchetta is Php485-585 depending on how you want (there’s sliced or done the other way).  Price is competitive but the raste is way above average compared to the other Italian resto we used to know thatvdeteriorated in quality over time (yes that Italian is hehe).

We were advised to try the desserts but we were too full from the meal we had. It was also a busy day so we have to leave in a hurry. But we promise, I promise to be back for seconds and desserts will come first this time so I can try it too. If the main course was great I will not be surprised if they serve mouthwatering desserts as well!

Linguini Fini is located at rhe 2nd Level of Mega Fashion Hall at SM Megamall. They have Instagram @linguinifinimnl

Bon appettite!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

P.S. this is not a sponsored post, I was just very much inpressed with the food and everything on it that I just have to blog about it.  Kudos Linguini Fini keep it up!

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