4 Reasons to Visit Dencio’s Bar and Grill Restaurant at Harbor Square CCP

Dencio’s is one of those bar and restaurant in the Philippines that every Pinoy love. I for one can attest to the fact that it is one of the few restaurants in the country that serves authentic Pinoy Fiesta dishes that everyone enjoys on a festive occassion. It is also one of those restaurants my way-back friends/barkada come to and hang-out to unwind after exams during my college days or/and long day at work to. It is also where families/friends get together especially when a balikbayan relative comes. But with the rise of so many reataurants and foodie places in the country, particularly in Metro Manila, some have forgotten to take a look at Dencio’s Bar and Restaurant for other alternatives. Well, well, well, I think you are missing out a lot so here is a rundown of reasons to visit Dencio’s Bar and Grill particularly the one at Harbor Square Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP): 1. FOOD: Authentic Pinoy Fiesta Dishes

Dencio's Kabisera CCP Dencio’s is known for their best-tasting all-time favorite Pork Sisig and well if you are looking for the best Sisig in town this is the right place. And just to show you they are the authority on Sisig, they come up with the best-tasting ISAW SISIG! Crunchy, hot, tasty and delectable! This is one of the must try! Dencio's Kabisera CCPAbove:Binagoongang Rice Below: Adobo Rice Dencio's Kabisera CCP Kanin palang ulam na! More rice please! Yes! Pinoys love rice. No meal is complete without rice! But with these two rice variants (Binagoongan and Adobo Rice) is a meal in itself already!
Dencio's Kabisera CCP Sari-Saring Sinugba or in English Pinoy Barbeque Platter a sampler platter of Pinoy grilled delight which includes: Pork Barbeque, Chicken Barbeque, Tuna Barbeque and Pork Chop Barbecue with 3 kinds of Achara (or pickled vegetable) and 3 kinda of sawsawan (sauce). Dencio's Kabisera CCP Kilawing Tulingan Dencio's Kabisera CCP Gambas Dencio's Kabisera CCPChopsuey or mixed vegies
2. AMBIANCE : Staying Truly Filipino

Dencio's Kabisera CCP “We wanted to stay true to the Filipino feel — both with our food and ambiance,” Dencio’s and Max’s Group executivea said. Dencio's Kabisera CCP Dencio’s is now under the management if the Max’s group and the Dencio’s Bar and Grill at Harbor Square CCP is the first branch carrying the new look and feel. Dencio's Kabisera CCP All-time favorites –like sisig — are now complemented by new interiors. The native materials in the designs are retained and more incorporated. Dencio's Kabisera CCP The bar area has walk in chillers, while the function room has been decorated with novelty items and dartboard. Dencio's Kabisera CCP The new store concept — which will be cascaded through all Dencio branch in the Philippines — also caters to a wide variety of diners including families, sports enthusiast, and barkadas as the areas are divided strategically to the diners delight.
3. SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT: Bullseye for a bucket of beer!

Dencio's Kabisera CCP
Dencio’s Dart Night promo gives diners a chance to win a bottle to a bucket of beer! Dencio's Kabisera CCP 1 bulls-eye = 1 beer and another for the next bulls-eye. Hit bulls-eye with all 3 shots and get a bucket of beer! That’s Marky Ramone Go and Enzo Luna trying their luck! Dencio's Kabisera CCP Ruth dela Cruz and I are trying it out as well. How did we fair? We fair very well! Haha!
4.VIEW : Best Manila Sunset

I think Dencio’s Bar and Restaurant at Harbor Point CCP has the best location ever! Overlooking Manila Bay just near the Manila Yatch Club the view is fantastic place to watch the best Manila sunset!

Dencio's Kabisera CCP Who would have thought this is Manila! Dine alone for a senti emo time, just don’t breathe too much lol! Depending on where the wind blows the breeze kinda smell slightly fishy! Haha! Dencio's Kabisera CCP It is also a perfect place for a romantic dinner with your lover! Or a group date!

With Rodel Flordeliz, Adrian Benipayo and Ruth dela Cruz.
With Rodel Flordeliz, Adrian Benipayo and Ruth dela Cruz.

Or with your girlfriends for an ultimate bonding time or colleagues!

Dencio's Kabisera CCP
Drink ’til we roll Frozen Margarita for the ladies! Dencio's Kabisera CCP Oh! There’s 5th reason! Hard workers by day, party harder at night Gets 10% off on their total bill every Thursday, just show your company ID when you bill out!

Now if those aren’t enough reasons for you to visit Dencio’s Bar and Restaurant at Harbor Point CCP, I don’t know how else to convince you!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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