Choose Happiness this 2015

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Choose Happiness this 2015

#Happysa2015 Choose HappinessNew Year resolutions were meant to inspire to make one do better with the new year ahead.

This year I don’t have resolutions like eat healthy, workouy more, stop slacking and all but I just want happiness to be my priority.

There is only one standard of happiness for me, I am content, I don’t hurt anyone, I excel in what I do, I live my passion and, I get what I need coz want is something else.

I will also remind myself that my happiness does not depend on other people but myself. It is because of the choices I make and the actions I take.

To live a life filled with happiness I will also take note of my following weakness: ( here’s bunch of my lecture to myself)

No to Social Media Envy
Because comparing my life with others only brings misery.  When you see someone who got something you don’t have and want for yourself, choose not to be envious but be happy for their good fortune. Do something to get it yourself and don’t wish for the misfortune of the ones who have it. Better, be happy with what you have and make the most of it. It is not true that the grass is greener on the otherside. The grass on your yard is already green as green can get you are just already used to the green of your yard so you though the other yards look greener. It is like when you look in the mirror you are used to how you look like, but when somebody new sees you they notice your getting prettier and you aged gracefully. We are our own worst critics. So stop veing harsh on yourself.

No to Pleasing Everyone
The fact is you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. Haters gonna hate. Someone, somewhere will always have a bad thing to say about you. Be it your weird fashion choices or you are too friendly and obnoxious. It is not your problem, it is their problem. It is their personal issues not yours. It is their problem not yours. If there’s one person you should please it is yourself. Just make sure you don’t step on anyone or hurt anyone in the process. Make peace with yourself and follow your own happiness not theirs.

Make Time
The fact is you can never have thebtike for anything unless you make time for it. Sometimes you force yourself to spend time with people you don’t care about but need to impress. Sometimes you never had the time for the people you care about because you always think there’s lots of time. Until you get pilled up with more things to do, spend time with people who doesn’t really care, and you end up feeling lonely inside. Make time to catch up with the people you miss, old friends, relatives you haven’t seen on ages, former professor, boss, or mentor. The people who contributed to your growth and well being. Ignore toxic people they are poison to the soul. Interract with enthusiastic, creative, loving and possitive people. They make life worthwhile.

Let Go
We are all hoarders. We never let go of things or people even if they no longer contribute to making our life better. We hold on to people even if they are already toxic in our life and they are holding us back because of their negativity. Don’t be stuck with someone or something that no longer serves a purpose. Yes, it sounds harsh but you need to let go to make room for new and better ones. Keep the people and things who are worth it and will always be a part of your growth and will not your destruction.

Do What You Love
Not the things people think you should be doing. You owe your life to yourself and not anyone. When you are happy you make other people happy too because you want to hold on to the good feeling and so you spread it around. Happiness is as infectuous as sadness. Again choose happiness it makes you more radiant.

Live the moment
Social media makes life experiences fleeting. Once it is shared its done and over with. So we go for fhe next one to happen ir find something new right away. We bever live in the moment anymore. We rush to do things right away never loving the moment and experience it to the core. As soon as you shared one, two to three post about an event in your life or a place you’ve been put your fone down and live. Live the moment, savor each experience, let it sink in and remember everything the experience taught you, remember the feeling longer than usual. Let it sink in.

#Happysa2015 Choose Happiness

I don’t know if any of what I am saying makes sense to anyone right now but it all makes sense to me.

Happy 2015!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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