XmasParty 2014 Series: AGC Party at Yoree Korean Barbeque Fine Dining BGC

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XmasParty 2014 Series: AGC Party at Yoree Korean Barbeque Fine Dining BGC

Now that events has slowed down, Thank you!  I now have time to blog about the series of Xmas/ Thanksgiving/ Media Appreciation Parties I attended starting last week of November!

First one to host a Xmas Party for Beauty Bloggers of Metro Manila was AGC who owns the franchises of Etude House, Tony Moly and Tous le Jours here in the Philippines.  The owners also owns the Yoree Korean Barbeque Fine Dining at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig where the party was held.


The place was huge and compared to other Korean Restaurants I’ve been (remeber my Korean Food Trip with Pop Talk) the air vent is underground not overhead so theres no bulky fixtures above the table blocking the view which makes looks more cozy and maaliwalas.

If you love Korean food then I recommend you pay this place a visit, especially those who like those grilled meats oh yum!

The dining set-up and Kimchi for starters!


Their Ice Tea is really good! It is not your ordinary ice rea, there’s a different flavor that makes it stand out kinda guavaish like and its not too sweet or bland (if you know what I mean)


Now the stuff to grill! Beef, pork, prawns and squid!

Ang sarap lahat promise!

Then there’s Chicken!


And the veggies where you roll your grilled meat Korean style! Yumz!


But wait there’s more! Bibimbap!


The popular Korean rice cake!

Egg (something) hahaha forgot the name but its a good egg kinda like scrambked and boiled but not with some seasoning!

And the spicy but delicious Tofu Soup!

For desserts the snow ice! A hit with everyone!

But of course what’s a party without the drinks? A pitcher of soju for everyone!

Can you guess who drank the most sSoju among these lovely beauty bloggers?

Did you spot her? No? Ok here’s another one. Find her here:

I bet you know who. Hahaha. The others had other drinks as the Soju was kinda strong. I had some Soju but had Margarita.

Yes Yoree serves alcoholic drinks as well for those who like to pair their dinner with drinks!

More party pics with the girls

Everyone went home with Christmas gifts from AGC from Etude House, Tony Mony and Tous le Jours! Yay!

AGC Christmas Party at Yoree Korean Barbeque Fine Dining
Except for the food stuff from Tous le Jours, I haven’t opened the gifts from the party yet as Christmas gifts are meant to be opened on Christmas day (IMO) ! Excited to see what Etude House and Tony Moly products are in there! Teeehee!


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