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Reasons to Buy Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme

Women’s purses/bags are magical. It has everything and anything anyone might need at a certain place and time. Hang nails? No problem there’s a nail clipper on the magic purse. Low-bat? Not a problem out goes an extra powerbank for you. Dirty hands? Here’s some wipes to clean you off. Ooops! No water in the public toiled! No worres, alcohol can save the day.

This actually answers the question why women carry heavy bags when hey go out. We women tend to bring everything with them that it gets a bit heavy and sometimes our bags and our shoulder suffer the weight. And admit it or not, one of the things that we carry that is kinda heavy to bring along is alcohol!

Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme

I’m so glad that Casino Ethyl Alcohol came out with the stick type/ pen type alcohol packaging that is refillable and so fashionable! The Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme.

Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme review

With the size of a marker, its so light and easy to use. It can also fit in your pocket or the pouch you bring along with your coin purse and smartphones during lunch break or market day!

Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme review

What I like best about the Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme is that:
1. It smells good like cologne.
2. It looks fashionable just spray on and your ready to go no spills, no waste.
3. While it is an alcohol to protect you from known germs you get from touching things from public places, it also moisturizes the hands unlike other alcohol that leaves your hands dry and old!
4. It’s refillable! Buy the 100gram or 300gram packaging and you can just refill whenever your Femme bottle is out! Genius!

Casino Ethyl Alcohol Femme is now available at select drug store and department store health and beauty sections nationwide.

How about you have you tried this before? What do you like best the Pink or the Regular variant?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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