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What’s Inside the BDJ May and June 2015 Boxes

So yeah I got two BDJ boxes all at the same time because they are still sending my boxes to my old address. I only get them packages sent there when the house help goes for a visit on her day off.

The May 2015 BDJ box is mostly summer essentials fit for before and after sun exposure so we all can Kiss Dry Goodbye!

Here’s how the May 2015 BDJ box looks like:

What's Inside the May 2015 BDJ Box

Then to most raved about June 2015 BDJ box because it’s the Exclusive Bioderma BDJ Box!

What’s inside? Tada !

What's Inside the Bioderma Exclusive BDJ Box?

So, which products inside the May and June 2015 BDJ boxes did you like best? I have my favorites, I’ll tell you if you tell yours haha!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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