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Laperal White House Fright Tours Baguio

It is a well-known secret that Baguio is a ghost town…

I haven’t been to Baguio for more than a decade. I have lost interest visiting the place after seeing the hillside that used to overlook a lush of greens now looked like a mountain of “garbage” because of the houses built there. I knew Baguio before it was filled with houses and became populated. I used to go to Baguio a lot when I was a child as my brother used to be a PMA Cadet. I used to cover the Supreme Court in Baguio every summer coz that is where they like to hold office every summer coz it is way cooler than here in Manila.

Anyway, I recently visited Baguio when Azalea Residences Baguio invited us over to experience the city of pines during off-peak season. Baguio City is known as the summer capital of the Philippines. Its charm lies on its cool temperature (as compared to other parts of the country). People are attracted to the abundance of pine trees in the area like transporting everyone to a western country. However, after summer Baguio’s tourism slows down. Most don’t bother going there during the rainy season. Plus the fact that people don’t really know where to go aside from the already known destinations like Camp John Hay, Burnham Park, Session Road, the strawberry and flower farms in Benguet (not Baguio City), Botanical Garden and the like. I am glad to rediscover the summer capital of the Philippines during my trip and found out about the Fright Tour and other things to do in Baguio City after summer.

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One little known secret about Baguio is that the city is haunted. There are many places in Baguio that are believed to be inhabited by the supernatural beings. Many paranormal things have been reported in several establishments and tourist spots. This is because Baguio experienced so many deaths in its history. From World War 2, so when the Americans immigrated to the city and drove away from the local tribes, to the devastating earthquake in the 1990’s, all the tragic killings and casualties left distressed souls. They are the ghosts of Baguio. I was very excited to explore Baguio in a different light. The fright tour was one of the activities I was looking forward to during our entire trip. While I am a scaredy cat, I want to conquer my fears. This is the first time I am doing an actual horror expedition a.k.a. fright tour.

Our first stop was the Baguio Cathedral

At first, I thought we were there to pray for guidance and protection from all the evil spirit we might encounter or cross paths during our excursion. I was wrong. We were there because the Baguio Cathedral was one of the known haunted places in town.

Fright tours Baguio Cathedral
Fright Tours Baguio

During the World War 2 it became the shelter for the folks of the town thinking they will be spared from the killings because they are inside the house of God. They were wrong, everyone inside the church was executed, even the parish priest who stood for the parishioners. This exact priest is said to be the ghost of the church. The priest rumored to be seen at the confession room where he would often listen to some parishioners confessing finding out later no priest was inside!

Teachers Camp

The campground used to be the place where the early Americans who settle in the town pitch camp. This was the same ground where a “powerful woman” was killed by the Japanese by beheading her during those time. The campground since became a haunted place where a headless woman in white appeared every night from 11pm to dawn. This ghost was reported to be wicked as she would chase people in the ground whenever she shows up and be seen by the guards or visitors.

Fright tours Baguio Teachers Camp Cottage 101
Fright Tours Baguio

Another uncanny place in Teachers Camp is the Cottage 101. Something eerie happened in the cottage when a group of Americans rented the place. One of them died in the cottage and the room to your left is the room he was killed. How he died and how he was killed was still a mystery. But anyone who rented the cottage experience horrifying things. The ghost of the white guy would be seen. He became a poltergeist who hurt and become violent to those who will try to rent the area. They will be pulled out of bed, swing around, get scratches and stuff. Nobody last for a night inside the house. It has not been booked for years.

The Laperal House

Many stories have been told about this house. Family members of the Laperal family have died in the house. Apparitions of an old lady would be seen walking the stairs to the dining area. Fixtures in the house would be seen disarranged every morning. Eerie sounds would be heard and images would be accidentally captured on tourist photographs.

Fright tours Baguio Laperal House
When we were inside something creepy happened. Is it real or just part of somebody’s imagination or acting abilities. She can only tell. Hehe….(watch at your own risk… haha!)

Also, there is a myth circulating among the Baguio Locals that whoever enters the house will die a horrible death.  Enter the house if you dare!

Take a look at these videos taken inside the Laperal House if you dare!

Hyatt Hotel and Laokan was part of the fright tour but because of the untoward incident that happened while we were inside the Laperal House, we have to cut our trip short. Instead of going to Hyatt and Laokan, we just had dinner and then, later on, had a horror film movie night inside the Martinez Hall where we watched an Asian Horror film about some lesbian girls and the Wishing Stairs. Haha!

The Japanese Tunnel inside the Botanical Garden

This was not included in our itinerary as well but I haven’t been in here in ages. I haven’t checked the Japanese Tunnel inside the garden and since we went noontime we did not hesitate but get inside. The place gave me creeps. It used to be the hiding place of Japanese soldiers and where the Golden Buddha and Yamashita Treasure was found the guide said. It was kinda creepy inside so I decided to turn on my camera and film it.

Fright tours Japanese tunnel Baguio

Culture, Arts and Heritage Tour

BenCab Museum

Ethnic Art such as idols and icons, furniture and fixtures from the old inhabitants of the Cordillera Region are displayed in the Museum.

BenCab Museum Baguio

Tam-Awan Village

This is where college students from Baguio wear Igorot costumes and do cultural dances to educate visitors of the ways of the tribe back then. This is to preserve their heritage and keep the tradition alive. Old Igorot houses can be found in the Village, also known as the Garden in the Sky. It is such a beautiful place to learn more about the Cordillera people.

Tam-Awan Village Baguio
Take a look at this video about the Tamawan Village:

They also offer portrait sketching for visitors. The artist is locals and they also sell their artworks in the area. I enjoyed our portrait session. Jen one of the artist was very skilled she is great in capturing the best details of a person face, especially the eyes. Here’s here artist impression of me. She caught my eyes and cheekbones but the nose was kinda different hehe. I look 10 years younger in her sketch! I love it! Haha!

Portrait at Tam-Awan Village

Eastern Weavers Cooperative

The main handicraft practiced in the Cordillera region is weaving. Baguio’s Easter Weavers Cooperative houses hundreds of weavers who make their weaved handicrafts. You can see the intricate details and design and how hard it takes to finish an entire spread, it takes about 3 days to finish one design. One design is designated to one weaver and one weaving machine.

EASTERN Weavers Cooperative

Baguio Weavers Cooperative

Local Food Trip Trying out the Local Cordillera Dishes

Baguio’s popular food is strawberries. Their most famous take-home food items are peanut brittle, Ube halaya, and lengua. There are restaurants and coffee shops along the Session Road that is popular with their desserts. But most of them are Western foods.

Cafe Yagam

We had dinner at Cafe Yagam where we tasted local Cordillera Dishes such as Pinikpikan, Pinuneg, Binungor, Kiniig, and Kankanaoy. We also had the Sagada Coffee and Mountain Tea.

Cafe Yagam Baguio
I did not expect the food to be that super spicy. The spiciness was nothing compared to Bicol dishes that is also known as spicy. It was the kind of hot dish that will make you burn inside. I think they made those kinds of dishes because of the cool climate in Baguio, they need to keep themselves warm. Those dishes we tried are definitely something that will warm you up from the inside! I swear!

Casa Vallejo, Mt. Clouds and Hillstation

Casa Vallejo Mt. Cloud Hills Tatiana Baguio
This was not included in our itinerary, but we had free time and we wanted to see famous hang-outs in Baguio. Casa Vallejo, used to be an old house that was renovated into a hotel and an entertainment complex. There’s a cinema, bookstore and restaurant and coffee shop. Mt. Clouds is a bookshop where you can find interesting and hard to find books. Their bookstore is so cozy and reading chairs and ladders for visitors and buyers use.

Mt. Clouds Bookshop
The Hillstation is a restaurant but they are also known for their delicious dessert pastries. Yes, we had some and my most favorite were their best seller the Lemom Meringue cake.

Hillstation best seller desserts Lemon Merengue

Baguio Market

A trip to Baguio is not complete without going to the market to buy pasalubong or coming home gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones or yourself. Baguio is famous for their brooms so yes we got that there. They are also famous for their cheap vegetables so yup I went all-out shopping for veggies.

Baguio Market
Cauliflower and Brocolli are just php40.00 1/4 kilo. Lemon is pHp20.00 4 pieces! Their peanut brittle and chocolate crinkles are available at php100.00 (pwede tawad to 90) or get the 3 for php100.00 deals. Starwberry and strawberry jams are also cheap here!

Good Sheppard

They sell the best Ube Halaya/ Ube Jam in Baguio. They are a bit expensive compared to the market but the quality and the charity is what you are paying for as part of the sales goes to the convent operation.

Good Sheppard baguio
We also went to Tartland where the owners gamely showed us how they make their delicious lengua.
It will a bit hard to travel Baguio if you don’t have a service to take you around. Baguio has some traffic problem as well, especially at the center area. Small roads too many vehicles and construction along the way are happening. Good thing Azalea Residences Baguio provided our service all throughout our trip. Azalea Baguio is one of the nice places to stay when in Baguio I will show you more about it on my next Baguio trip post.

This fright tour was arranged for us by Azalea Residences Baguio, if you would like to do the same kind of fright tour go and contact them.  I honestly don’t know the address or phone numbers of each of this destination and how to book it myself.


As of October 2017 Azalea Baguio no longer encourage ghost tours but the Department of Tourism (DoT) in Baguio do take tourist for a mystical tour in Baguio.  I was able to try one again during my last visit sometime in July 2017 with a DoT Tour Guide we paid for who took us around mysterious places in town.

How about you, have you tried the fright tours in Baguio yet? If not would you like to?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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