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#WIWTD 73: Baguio City

Baguio City,  the one place in the Philippines where you get transported to another place and time.  There are So many places to visit here, but three of my favorites is the Baguio Market, the Baguio Manor, and the Laperal House for different reasons.

The Baguio Market is a great place to buy cheap but quality vegetables. You can also buy cheap take home local delicacies and sweets from the market . Veggies are Php40.00 a kilo while pasalubong starts at 3 for Php100.00. They also have the best broom/walis.

The Manor for it’s beauty like you’ve been transported out of the country. The Laperal House is a haunted house for real. Unlike horror houses you go to in amusement parks this one is for real. Enter at your own risk.

Pretty fence

Denim playsuit
Denim playsuit
Denim playsuit
Brick Cottage houses

Cottage houses
Denim playsuit

Beautiful buildings

Baguio Manor
Baguio Manor
Haunted Houses

Laperal house
Laperal House baguio
The Market

Baguio Market
What I wore:
Denim romper/playsuit: SM WOMAN
Taken in Baguio by Omar Itay and Jenny Jayne haha
Are you familiar with the places I was photographed in above?

Stay gorgeous everyone! …

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