Oracare Mouthrinse MerryMint Review

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Oracare Mouthrinse MerryMint Review

I have to admit, I use a different mouthwash brand and have been using it for the longest time. It’s not being masochist or something but I used to believe that the sting I feel whenever I rinse with this mouthwash is equal to getting all the germs and the bad odor out of my mouth, until I’ve tried Oracare Mouthrinse.

Oracare Mouthwash
Product Info
OraCare Mouthrinse contains stabilized chlorine dioxide technology that gets rid of bad bacteria causing plaque build-up, gum disease and tooth decay. This same chlorine dioxide is responsible in neutralizing volatile sulfur compounds or also called as the waste material of the bacteria – the true sources of strong mouth odors. And the best part of all is that it does not contain alcohol. The Oracare Mouthrinse Merrymint flavor comes in a refreshing spearmint flavor!

Product Shots

Oracare Mouthrinse MerryMint review

Oracare Mouthrinse review
What I think of it:

  • I love that it does not sting or give burning sensation when gargling unlike the other mouthwash/mouth rinse brands.
  • Compared to other mouth rinse, Oracare Mouthwash does not leave an awful after taste, it’s refreshing and no after taste, just like water.
  • Mouth feels fresher and cleaner.
  • As for the mouth foul odor I dunno how my breath actually smells like, it depends on what I ate the other day, or if I am feeling well or not, because bad breath actually is not just around th mouth but also on the digestive health. Haha. All I can say is I feel more cleaner and fresher and confident to talk with everyone when I use mouthwash after brushing my teeth.
  • Gargling with Oracare is more fun, safer and easier to bare than gargling with other mouthwash available in the market today.

Do I recommend Oracare Mouthrinse Merrymint ?
Yes. It’s time to break away from the common misconception that stingy mouthwash are the effective ones alone. This mouth rinse does not sting but has a minty refreshing flavor and it works.

Oracare Mouthrinse comes in three variants, The Original One with no Flavor, Cool and Merrymint which I used in this review. Price range are as follows depending on the size 80ml / 250ml / 500ml prices: Php 57.20 / Php 156.20 / Php 278.00. Available at your favorite groceries or beauty stores in the country.

Oracare Mouthrinse at Sampleroom
It is also available on Sampleroom @sampleroomph so grab your free samples now!

How about you have you tried Oracare Mouthrinse Merrymint yet?  If not what is your favorite mouth wash and why?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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