Interesting Ideas for Kid-friendly Interiors

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Interesting Ideas for Kid-friendly Interiors

It is said that the home is where the heart is. We all love our homes, especially if we own the property we live in. This is because we can make changes to our liking. However, on many occasions, a frequent problem people face is when a child arrives in the household.

The walls, floor, windows, furniture and furnishings –everything takes a beating. Parents start worrying if they made a mistake in not taking kids into account when planning for the interiors. It is not just the kids’ room that needs to be exclusively-designed. The ideal way is to have your whole house done up, to accommodate your child and the future siblings to come. What are the various options available to make your home kid-friendly?

kid-friendly interiors


Expect a lot of crawling –in the living room, kitchen, bedroom and patio. Choose the appropriate flooring material that can be cleaned and hygienically- maintained without being rough to the sensitive skin of the baby. There are many options on the market, but do take the advice of an expert. If you have decided to go for wall-to-wall carpeting, there are ways of making the surface stain-resistant from the constant pooping and peeing that will commence.


When the kids grow up, they could start drawing on walls or throwing things they can get their puny hands on. You should select one of those washable paints for your walls, so that even if there are stains; you can clean them with minimum effort. In fact, you should choose a property with fewer walls and more floor space. It would allow for a larger play area, so your kids will forget about playing or drawing on walls. Property finder Zipmatch features detailed measurements and images of properties for sale or rent so you can plan better for your next home. In fact, you can even take a 360 degree virtual tour of the property to get a realistic view what your home will look like.


The same set of considerations will have to be given while buying the furniture for your home. You have to ensure the pieces are sturdy and have no sharp corners. If you have antiques, make sure to place them away from your kids’ regular play areas. If you have a couch with upholstery, check with the fabric supplier if the fabric can be treated for stain resistance or laminated so that you can keep enjoying the use of the couch even if the kids were to stain it.

Windows and Curtains

You will not be able to use the traditional fabric curtains for your windows, which will extend and flow right down to the floor. If the child decides to pull it down, it can only spell disaster. The experts would advise you to go in for a much simpler solution: venetian blinds. They can be washed easily if dirtied, and the kid can’t reach and pull whenever they want to.

There are other similar aspects, major and minor, which every parent has to keep in mind while planning the interior design of their homes. This should be done even when there is no kid yet, but expected in the future. Take the advice of experts and plan in advance.

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