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Celebrating the Art and Science of Making Coffee

How do you like your coffee?

It’s such as simple question that we thought is so simple to fulfill by our coffee batista. But for global true coffee masters it takes skills, knowledge and passion for them to make that perfect cup.

Brewing coffee is both an art and science and buying the highest quality beans to roasting them to the peak of its flavor and finally serving it to the customers in style.

I was able to appreciate Starbucks coffee masters more aka coffee baristas more when I saw how serious they are with their work at this competition and awarding I attended.

Starbucks Coffee Ambassadors Cup 2015
They went through rigorous trainings, Starbucks coffee Masters learn to marry the science and art of making different kinds of coffee. They undergo intensive trainings to ensure that they serve you a superb cup of expertly roasted and richly brewed cofree every time. Aside from handcrafting each customer’s beverage, Coffee Masters share their coffee knowledge, passion and artistry with picture-worthy latte art.

Starbucks Philippines once again honors its outstanding Coffee Masters through the Coffee Ambassador’s Cup 2015 on September 13 at the Colegio San Agustin Auditorium, Dasmaririas Village, Makati City.

Starbucks Coffee Ambassadors Cup 2015Starbucks Coffee Ambassadors Cup 2015
On its 9th year, the competition include a latte art and beverage preparation competition, in addition to the previous years’challenges such as coffee quizzes and tastings.

The best coffee master who won the title this year is Pao (didn’t get the full name!) Anyway all Starbucks Coffee Masters and Partners surely knows Pao now as he holds the Starbucks Coffee Ambassador 2015 title.

Pao Starbucks Coffee Ambassador 2015
Starbucks has been doing this competition since 1999 to recognize outstanding partners (employees) who show excellent knowledge and passion for coffee. This competition provides a chance to nurture and inspire our partners to develop their skills in the coffee industry.

Starbucks Coffee Ambassador 2015
With all that I witnessed at this competition I definitely appreciate my baristas/coffee masters/coffee Ambassadors more.

Let’s give them a toast!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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