How To Make People Go Curious With Your #OOTD

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How To Make People Go Curious With Your #OOTD

“It is simply this: do not tire, never lose interest, never grow indifferent—lose your invaluable curiosity and you let yourself die. It’s as simple as that.” – Tove Jansson

So, FOSSIL opened their newest store location here in the Philippines located at the Shangri-la Mall in Mandaluyong drawing all curious individuals like me to go check it out.

In the invitation, we were asked if we could come in our most curious outfit. The curiouser the outfit the better as the one gets a shopping spree at the new store.

#CallingAllCurious #FossilsPhFossils Shangrila Mall#CallingAllCurious FossilsPh


Some made an effort to wear their best, while some wore their most creative attire, but for me my curious outfit is a white jeans and a black assymetrical top. It’s so basic and simple but with the right kind of accessories, it get a little more interesting.


#CallingAllCurious Fossils Fall 2015


The watch I was wearing is from the FOSSIL Fall 2015 Watch Collection For Her , the Original Boyfriend Watch while the handbag is the Emerson Leather Satchel from the Fall 2015 Leather Collection!

Here are the three most curious #OOTDs in the event. All of them get people into thinking. Number 1 made us wonder: Did he killed a crocodile and how many rooster did he pluck feathers to create the headpiecce . Number 2 made us look closer and say, “Oh, it’s made of rags and the top is a faux giant banana leaf, nice!. Number 3 made evreyone ask “How many suit like this does he own?“. With all the curiousity they built, they all deserve the win!

#CallingAllCurious Fossil PH

I don’t blame them for making the effort to dress up and make people go curious with their #OOTD, the FOSSIL Fall 2015 Watch and Leather Collection are gorgeous! Take a closser look at the entire collection:


Fossils Fall 2015 Womens Watch Collection
Fossils Fall 2015 Men's Watch Collection

Fossils Fall 2015 Womens Leather Collection

Fossils Fall 2015 Men's Leather Collection

FOSSIL brand is rooted in a distinctive modern-vintage aesthetic with nearly 400 stores worldwide and strong e-commerce business, it is a cult favorite for its eclectic assortment of lifestyle and accessory items including watches and handbags.

You may visit a store near you specially the newly opened FOSSIL Shangrila Mall at the 2nd Floor Main Wing. Happy shopping!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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