Grown Up Christmas Wish + #WIWTD 84

What’s your grown up Christmas wish?

When I was a kid, my mother and father made all efforts to give us the best Christmas all the time. I used to hang my stockings/ socks by our ginormous window on our second floor, and everyday, starting December 16, I check it for whatever Santa Clause leave on his way.

My Grown Up Christmas Wish


Every day there little trinkets in there be it candy, coins, little or small toys. It gives me joy all the time. I always look forward to waking up in the morning. Until my curiousity got me, I think I was eight when I decided to sneak and see Santa Clause myself. That night, when I was 8 going 9, when I found out my Santa Clause was mom and dad.

Did that stop me from believing in Santa Clause? Yes and no.

Yes, because the image of a stout old man with beard as white as snow and belly as round as jar of jelly wearing red pajamas and had and reindeers wasn’t true. It is one of the fairy tales, myth, that is nice to have when you are young, something to feed your imagination.

My Grown Up Christmas wish

No, because our parents will always be our “Santa Clause” who will grant our wish, as long as they can and it doesn’t matter if we are naughty or nice, our parents will love us. They will try everything in their power to make us happy and give what we need and want.

My grown up christmas wish

Now that I am an adult, with my father deceased while my mother is having episodes of dementia, and a daughter who I believe always think it’s Christmas everyday. My grown up Christmas wish is to still wish to feel that same joy as a kid every Christmas. Because while Christmas tree and Santa Clause are said to be Pagan images of the true meaning of Christmas, what I think is the real meaning of Christmas is love of and for the family you are in. It’s not the gifts, not the decorations, not the food, but the love for your family who will be your family and the last if not the first people you can turn to when the world has turned their backs on you.

Aside from that ofcourse I wish to be not paying bills, like I do now. I wish the best health for my entire family. I wish for no traffic EDSA . I wish for the best leaders of the country. I wish that world hunger will end. I wish for the light in every people in the world. I wish for the best for everyone!

Sorry for the sentiments. I wish you all the best Holidays and may get what you really need and enjoy the best in life you deserve.

My Grown Up Christmas Wish


What I wore:
Palazzo pants: SM WOMAN
Shoes: SHOO IN
Taken at: Makati Shangri-la Hotel
Taken by: Wen Razo
BTW, here’s my gorgeous family My sister, mom and daughter, hamming up at the Century City Mall Christmas decorations! Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas 2015
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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