Everyone is a kid at heart and that kid comes out each time something from their childhood comes back in any form or another, say McDonalds Happy Meal toys!

Since I was a kid, my father and big brother (who was 14 years older than me) would come home during pay day with a Mc Donalds Happy Meal, I remember I used to have that red lunch box from Mc Donalds and the red happy meal box never fails to put a smile on my face as there is alway a happy memory that comes along opening it!

Today, I got a package and I knew right away what’s inside. Like a child opening her gifts I tore open the box and delighted with what I found inside — the Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie Happpy Meal Toys #SnoopyHappyMeal !

Watch me as I unbox and go nuts playing with them toys!

So, what characters are included in the #SnoopyHappyMeal Toys and what they do?

  1. There’s Charlie Brown of course with his signature zigzag shirt, push it and hear the soundcard!
  2. Lucy has a sound chip too apress her bow and hear her!
  3. There’s Snoopy on top of his classic red doghouse (Flying Ace Snoopy)
  4. Then Peppermint Patty who zooms on her sled!
  5. Ice Cleaning Woodstock spins on his driver seat as you push it along.
  6. Piano playing Schroder and Snoopy spinning on top of it!
  7. Spinning Snoopy under Woodstocks nest is one of my favorite!
  8. Cuddy Charlie Brown and Snoopy Bobble toy sharing the love!
  9. Crazy Linus, pull his blanket away and he shakes!
  10. Sally and Snoopy having fun on the sled!


So, you know the drill, go straight to the nearest McDonalds near you and order you happy meal and pick a #SnoopyHappyMeal toy that you like or/and collect all 10!

I love happy meal toys, they are made with quality materials that can last a lifetime!  I have so many happy meal toy collections , uhmmm the 101 Dalmatians, Hello Kitty, Mulan just to name a few!

You may visit happymeal.com.ph for more information about the toys or you may follow @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram and share your happy thoughts as you go nuts with the #SNoopyHappyMeal toys!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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