Table Top Gardening

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Table Top Gardening

A pleasant office desk or coffee table is incomplete without a few embellishments. An innovative eco friendly new idea is table top gardening. This is a hobby that has become a personal favourite- it’s easy to do, is a great stress buster and also brings compliments like a full size well tended garden.

Many people have a natural green thumb but often do not have enough place to lovingly cultivate a garden as they would like to do. This is the perfect option for them, as it not only allows them to explore their green ideas but also showcase their talent.

The first step of table top gardening is choosing the correct plant. Not all plants will survive with limited sunlight, so it is essential to choose small plants that can survive with just a weekly session in the sun. Terraniums are ideal, as they are beautiful, small and need just 3-4 hours in the sun once a week. Other options are rubber plant, aloe, english ivy, peppermonia, etc.

The next step is to find an ideal container. This is the part where one can get completely creative. Use any container that strikes the eye- ditch the usual flower pots. From coffee mugs to old lamp holders, anything will do. A few ideas are shallow plates, ceramic cups, an old wine glass, mason jars, old fish bowls, ashtrays, even an old bulb! The sky is the limit and you can let your creativity run wild.

Soil will vary depending upon the plant type, so ensure you understand what type of soil your plant requires before you pot it. You can also create layers of different coloured sand, and put it in a transparent container. The roots of the plant however must rest only in the soil it requires and not the decorative soil you layer it with.

There are a few rules to ensure that these plants survive- do not forget to show them sunlight. In the course of our hectic schedules we often tend to forget this. Just an hour every alternate day will improve the life of your indoor plant tremendously. Another frequent problem is overwatering. Due to the fact that the plant is constantly at sight, people tend to give them excess water without accounting for the fact that being indoors, the water does not evaporate at the same speed as other potted plants.

Tending to the garden is important too. Ensure that all leaves are trimmed and dried leaves removed. An overgrown table top plant will only spoil the visual, not enhance it. Keep the plant small in size and well trimmed. If it grows too big for the table top, transfer it to a normal pot and replace with a smaller sized plant.

While tending to my table top plants, I also enjoy another favourite hobby of mine- online bingo.  To know more about the game, click here. It is the second most relaxing activity and something I always look forward to!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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