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The most annoying thing when dining out is getting a table at a restaurant you want during peak hours.  You either do two things, wait until an available table comes because you are craving for their dishes or leave to find the next best or a resto that’s not so full.

Sometimes it even sparks an argument with your dining mates, “Why did you not book a reservation earlier so we don’t have to eat at that crappy restaurant?”  

BugDish review philippines

Why go through it all when there’s a way to avoid the argument and hassle. There is a convenient way now to reserve a table on a restaurant you love plus get up to 50% off on your entire bill!   The best part is there is no reservation fee and you don’t have to give out your credit card info.  All you have to do is book via BigDish.   All you need is download  BigDish via Google Play or iOS or visit their website.

Did I mention that can also get a discount on top of your entire bill up to 50% off .  This discount is not exclusive to a single person only compared to using a senior citizen or a PWD ID card?  Amazing right?

Recently I was able to experience how the BigDish app works when I had a late dinner with my friends at Grind Bistro at 5th Avenue Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.  Grind is just across the Fort Strip going to Ascott BGC.  It was very convenient to use the app or book a restaurant to think I made the table reservations at Grind less than two hours before we went there.

Upon arriving at Grind, I just showed the confirmation message I got from BigDish .  Immediately the staff ushered me in to the table they reserved for me.  Unexpecedly, table for 2 became table for 6 because I had more friends coming over last minute.  I asked the staff if it is possible to move to a bigger table. Fortunately the Grind people were kind enough to accommodate my request (Thank you!).

We ordered the New York Steak medium well done , very flavorful and the meat is tender and lean yet it melts in my mouth. Delicious!

Grind Bistro via BigDish

Grind Bistro via BigDish
The Salmon Steak that was perfectly cooked, not dry or raw just the way I want it! The veggie garnish was yummy too.

BigDish dining at Grind Bistro
And we also had the Sliders Trio they’re mini  version of the Grind Burger, Black Chicken Tempura, Pulled Pork Sliders.

Grind Bistro via BigDish
While waiting for our orders they also served us complimentary Chips and Bread Board.For drinks we had the House Sangria and the Q Itch which was a hit with my friends. Q Itch is a Jasmin-Green Tea infused gin with herbal vinegar, pandan syrup, cucumber and pink peppercorn.

Grind Bistro via BigDish

Grind Bistro via BigDish
An hour and more later of good food , drinks, and stories I asked for our tab , showed my BigDish app code and they they returned with a new receipt with %10 off our bill!  FUN!  (P.S. discount only applies to food not drinks)


BigDish Review

Do I recommend BigDish ?

Yes! Use it by all means. It is so convenient to get a table using the app with no hassle.  Everyone who loves to eat out will appreciate it.  The discount you get is far more better than someone having a senior citizens ID or PWD ID who gets 20% off on their individual meal only!  BigDish gives you the discount on your entire meal!

Discount will cover all and there’s no minimum spend amount.  They won’t ask for reservation fees and won’t ask for your credit card info .  All you need is the app and show it to the resto staff upon arriving.  You can book for a table for 1 up to 9 people. If  there’s more of you you can ask your friends and companions or relatives to just download the app and book for themselves the same time you are going! All of you gets to enjoy good food , big savings, full tummy so everyone wins!

Browsing it, I discovered I would have gotten 30% off if I booked  and dined at Grind on Sunday the next day I was there!  You should take note of that when you use the app.  The 30% discount applies to certain time of the day, I guess at peak hours the least discount you can get is 10% which is not bad at all.

At the moment BigDish has about 100 partner restaurants in the Philippines and now they are expanding in Hong Kong and Indonesia with almost 40 restarant partners for each country signing in already!  This is such an exciting app that is very useful (everybody loves to eat!). I can imagine it expanding even further.

Visit BigDishPh to download the app or follow them on Instagram @BigDishPh.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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