Earthlinrgeous Oregon Trio #EarthintheUSAadventure

Having been born and raised in the city, I am so used to the concrete jungle.  Everyday of my life all I see are concrete walls, pavements, streets.  So whenever I go to the countryside I am so childlike.  Eyes wide open and I take in everything I see like different kinds of trees, birds and landscapes like mountains and hills.

It was such a breather that the second state I visited in the USA during my visit was Oregon.   One of the most popular coastal U.S. state  known for its diverse landscape of forests, mountains, farms and beaches!   This is what I saw when I was there, beautiful forestland, mountains and farms and yes even a beautiful beach.

It was back in November 2016 when I came for a visit but Oregon is still fresh in my mind.  I love how quaint and simple life was in a little town in the United States.  How everyone in the neighborhood almost know each other.

I was in Portland Oregon where my bestfriend since highschool lives now, Teri.  They migrated there for more than 11 years now.  I am so proud to see how her life is now with her three kids (one of them my godchild) and husband.  She and her husband Jason owns a restaurant near the Portland Bayfront called Asiatico Fusion Sushi Waterfront Restaurant.  They are known in the area to serve the best sushi in town plus the freshes and most delicious oyster roll.  Teri, Jason and I used to work at McDonald’s when we were in college .

Asiatico Fusion Sushi Waterfront has a nice location facing the bay area and beside the US Coastguard .  You also get the best view of the bridge!  From time to time you may see sealions .

My friends are so hands-on with their restaurant , Jason is the Chef, Teri is all-around haha.  I was spoiled to death when I was there.  I forgot what they call that service they offer for guest where the Chef serves the customer different kinds of sushi and makes them in front of the customer.

Coming out of their place there are many other restaurants and quircky gift shops in the area You can view the beautiful bridge .  Just adjacent to them is an artsy fartsy quirky store.

Attractions we visited during my Oregon Trip:

  1. The Vista House Crown Point State Scenic Corridor (gives you an overlooking view of the Historic Columbia River)
  2. Multnomah Falls  (the tallest waterfalls in all of Oregon)
  3. Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site where the a) Historical Yaquina Bay Lighthouse and b) Yaquina Bay State Park and Beach are located.
  4. Cape Foulweather (a historical place found by a certain Captain Cook composed of cliffside and scenic view
  5. Devils Punchbowl (a popular whale watching site plus the fact the shape of the rock formation looks like a punchbowl where the waters slams to the hollow and builds sea foams)
  6. NewPort Historic Bayfront where the most popular fishing sea vessels featured at the National Geographic Channel docks!
  7. Spirit Mountain Casino (there’s a restaurant inside that I had my first Thanksgiving dinner buffet )
  8. Depoe Bay (smallest Port in the world!)
  9. Yaquina Bay Bridge

Earthlinrgeous Oregon Trio #EarthintheUSAadventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventureOregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure

Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure
oregon rip
Oregon Trip #EarhintheUSAAdventure
That was just a small piece of the pie that Oregon has to offer.  Too bad we didn’t have enough time and the weather was bad when I was there, we would have gone to Snow Mountain and I would have experienced my first snow in as well.

But I had a lot of first in this Oregon Trip. I had my first US Thanksgiving Dinner, and my first real Black Friday at Walmart shopping experience.  I also held a real life alive Christmas Tree authentic one.  Oregon is the Christmas Tree county in the US.

I would have loved to stay but life in the Philippines awaits.  I am hoping to go back if the universe permits and maybe bring the family with me next time .

Honestly, I fell in love in Oregon, I can’t stop thinking of the wonderful nature trip I had when I was there.  The fresh air, the quiet and simple life they have in there. They are so close to nature in there it was amazing!

How about you, have you ever considered Oregon on your to visit list in the USA ?  I didn’t but I was taken there, glad I was!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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