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My Oregon Trip #EarthintheUSAAdventure

Having been born and raised in the city, I am so used to the concrete jungle.  Everyday of my life all I see are concrete walls, pavements, streets.  So whenever I go to the countryside I am so childlike.  Eyes wide open and I take in everything I see like different kinds of trees, birds […]

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Here’s the Best thing to do on your First Time in Hollywood Los Angeles, California, USA #EarthintheUSAadventure

This was my first time in Hollywood and the USA , first stop for this trip was LA California, and here are the sights and places to see for first timers like me!

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Here’s what you should to do to prevent your credit card getting Hacked/ Skimmed/ Cloned – A personal experience

below is a story related to my first trip to the USA last 2016 where after coming home to the Philippines, the card I used for UBER, and to pay for my hotel and other purchases in the LAX airport was cloned/ skimmed and used at purchasing different things from different stores around the USA and was even used for UBER to go around.

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Post U.S. Trip Realizations and Observations #EarthintheUSAAdventure

I just got back from my recent trip to the United States of America (haha buong-buo talaga!)  Anyway, this was my first time in the USA and many other first of all my firstest.  Haha!  My trip was about two weeks, this has been the longest I’ve been away from my DD Tasha and I […]

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