Indoor Cycling + My Experience at Cyclehouse Manila

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila
Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila
This hoodie had to go after 5 minutes on the bike, indoor cycling was so intense and I got all warm and sweaty inside !

One thing I dislike about going to a gym is that seeing people and myself going through the equipments and do a routine by myself. I feel less motivated and it feels sad.  As much as I wanted to exercise this situation just keep me away.  If I will be alone exercising , I might just do it by myself at home without having to wear gym attire, look presentable just to sweat it all out!

But I know I need to get more physical than I do, walking up and down the stairs for 30 mins just don’t cut it.

When I got the invitation to try out Indoor Cyling, I had my reservations at first because of the story I read recently about rhabdomyolysis someone got from doing this exercise.  But since I’ve been turning down invites from Danah of Plump Pinay for awhile, I went and I am glad I did.

While both does pedalling, indoor cycling and biking outdoor is not the same.  This is what I found out at my first indoor cycling session at Cyclehouse Manila.

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila
You don’t have to know how to ride a bike to ride an indoor bike.

In terms of safety it is safer because you do it indoors and with companions and trained coaches and gym staff.

You can pedal your bike at the fastest speed you can imagine yourself can do without having to worry about crashing or falling off the bicycle.

You can burn up more calories upto 800 calories per hour doing indoor cycling than biking around a refrain, park or course in an hour.

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila

The upbeat music, the dim and disco lights, the hyper yet inspiring cycling coaches just gets you carried away to the beat.  It is super fun, with no complicated routines to do.  It is you, your mindset and how far you want your body to take.  It is all in the mind!

If you think it is easy, you are wrong. I had to slow down a couple of times and instead of standing up pedaling while doing the push-up I sat on the bike chair to do the the routine. When I think my body can take it I join them again same phase.

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila
Everyone can do indoor cycling, girl, boys, in between and any body typr, just work at your own phase!

That’s what I like about this workout best. Just do it on your own phase with no judgment. I was taking it slow as I am a beginner coz I know in time, when I got better strength I can follow their phase.

Will I go back to Cyclehouse Manila?


I love being on a bicycle it gives this certain kind of freedom I cannot get from any exercises out there. Indoor cycling is even better as it is safer no falling down and crashing.  My favorite part of the session was when we were asked to close our eyes and imagine we are at our fave biking place and pedal on our own phase. I imagines myselfby the hillside with beautiful mountain vies and lush greens all over. It was relaxing.

I also loved that I sweat hard more than I ever had in awhile. I had this kind of sweating when I tried crossfit in Sparta.  But I like this one better coz it’s less complicated.  Don’t worry about your shoes or footwear they provide special cuycling shoes that clicks in the stationary bike so you don’t hurt yourself with a footwear not meant for cycling.

An added bonus was the massage at the end of the session. You can get a massage after a session at Cyclehouse Manila just ask the receptionist to sked you for one. Don’t forget to give the massage peeps some tip.

Indoor Cycling Cyclehouse Manila

The only disadvantage with indoor cycling and an unavoidable inconvenience is that masakit sha sa singit. It is very uncomfy on the crotch area, biking for an hour. That is probably why bikers got bike pads and sortand cycling shorts that are padded to easy the discomfort.  The rest is all fine!

Cyclehouse Manila is located at the Padilla Bldg. beside Jollibee Center at Ortigas Jr. Ave in Ortigas Center.  For updated rates and gym schedule, visit

Looking forward to biking with you there!

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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