5 Ways to Wear Your Off-Shoulder Top

5 Ways to Wear Your Off-Shoulder Top

The fashion industry continuously sees the revival of trends through the decades, and for the last couple of years, one of the most popular among past fads is the off-shoulder blouse. Sexy, girly and romantic, Fashion Magazine reports that this silhouette has been on and off the scene since the 1850s. With style gurus dubbing it as a modern woman’s wardrobe essential, it looks like this shoulder-baring top has found a permanent place in our closets.

For someone who is used to wearing straps and full sleeves, the off-the-shoulder top can be difficult to adjust to. Thankfully, ladies from Refinery 29 have offered their DIY tips on keeping the sleeves off your shoulders, so you won’t have to keep your arms by your sides. Though even with that, not all of us can say we have that bohemian sense of style. However, with our easy outfit suggestions, you’ll be nailing the OTS trend in no time.
5 Ways to Wear Your Off-Shoulder Top

Here are the cutest ways to style the blouse this season:

1) With your denim shorts
If you’re tired of the jean shorts and tee combo, switch it out the striped t-shirt with an off-shoulder top. Whether you opt for mom shorts or denim cutoffs, the blouse is the perfect match.

2) With your maxi skirt
Maxi skirts are summer must-haves, just like your OTS top. If it’s an OTS crop top you own, try it on with a maxi skirt. Midi skirts are another option and are just as chic.

3) With your favorite overalls
Local fashion aggregator PrettyMe previously included a style guide dedicated to overalls, indicating that a feminine item like the off-shoulder top adds an element of maturity to this childhood staple. Wear them with dungarees, shortalls, or an overall skirt.

4) With your cropped pants
Skinny jeans may be a safe choice, but they are by no means the only pants that look good with the OTS top. Cropped styles, from gauchos to skinny capri jeans, show off the right amount of leg to complement what you’re baring on top.
5 Ways to Wear Your Off-Shoulder Top

5) With any black bottoms
Shorts, denim or a mini skirt, the black sets a nice contrast from off-shoulder tops in white, pastel colors and even prints. To dress it up, finish the outfit with black heels.

How do you like to wear your OTS top?

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