5 Things to Think About Your Drink

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5 Things to Think About Your Drink

A few weeks ago I got two crates full of Oishi Smart C+ drink this was the new and improved version. While looking at them all I get into thinking, there’s just so many healthy and flavored drinks out in the market lately and I am sure like me you are all overwhelmed about which one to pick.

Here’ a simple list for you to think about your drink before buying one. Or rather here are 5 thing list why you might want to consider picking the new and improved Oishi Smart C+:


  1. It contains 500mg if Vitamin C which means gulping a bottle or even half of it a day assures you get your daily dose of Vitamin C. It makes your skin younger looking and plump!
  2. It has zero sugar content compared to other healthy and flavored drinks out there. Read the label!
  3. oishi Smart C+ Drink

  4. It has three (3) refreshing flavors to choose from :Lemon Squeeze, Orange Crush and Pomelo Grapefruit.
  5. A bottle is good to share with a friend. 500mg is hald a liter drink!  Twice the fun to enjoy a hralthy and refreshing drink.
  6. #thinkaboutyourdrink

  7. It is far more better to drink your daily dose of vitamin c, Iron, Zinc, B6, and B5 than pop on a pill!  Aside from making the skin look healthy and glowing Vitamin C helps prevent coughs and colds.

So yeah, hydration is the main key to staying gorgeous so I would recommend this drink anytime!

How about you, think about your drink, do they have such benefits I mentioned above?

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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