Mybroom looked like a stockroom for a couple of weeks because I have high EQ and self-control with regards to #bloggermail labelled as Holiday presents.   My parents thought us well about this tradition of opening Xmas presents only after 12 midnight and noche buena.  It makes all the gift extra special and the feeling of Christmas day more festive.  Although we know Xmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ which is celebrated during this time.

As I was saying I finally unboxed all the Christmas gifts I received from brands and PR friends, plus my winnings and press gifts from Xmas parties I attended this year 2017.

Please watch my #Unboxing vlog while a bit tipsy with my horny cat in the background!

I would like to thank the following for your #Xmasgifts2017:

Plains and Prints
Avon Philippines
Althea Korea
Shopee Philippines
Happy Skin
Asus Philippines
Opposite Philippines
Belle De Jeur
Air Asia Philippines
Cathy Doll Philippines
Good Virtues Co.
Fly Shades
Happy Socks
PruLifeUK Philippines
Bridges PR
Eastern Communications
Jingjing Romero of StratosPR

Gift baskets and wines not shown in the unboxing from:
May Grape Juice
Mega world Corp.
Royce Hotel
Gold Seas Tuna
Metro Department Store

Thank you for the support and love!
Stay gorgeous everyone!

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