4 Fabulous Jobs in the Fashion Industry

If you have a passion for fashion, you can turn your interest into a full-time career that pays you a hefty salary. Many of the top careers in fashion come with job security and additional perks that add to the joys of working in the industry. Any of these four fashion-related jobs may be right for you.

1. Design Assistant

As a design assistant, you’ll be helping fashion designers dress their clients and perform other miscellaneous duties. This job also involves attending tradeshows as well as runway shows to help fashion designers behind the scenes. To work as a design assistant, you should get a degree in fashion design and be willing to do internships in the early stages. Being a design assistant can also serve as a gateway to becoming a fashion designer yourself one day.

2. Visual Merchandising

Working in the visual merchandising field will give you the opportunity to utilize your creative skills to design beautiful fashion displays. These displays will be created with different types of clothing and other fashion accessories to create a certain mood. You may be dressing mannequins and adding other props to go with your displays. Your work will be displayed in department stores or possibly other venues where fashion is the centerpiece.

Higher level merchandising job positions often will require a masters degree in fashion merchandising.

3. Cosmetologist

In addition to clothing, fashion involves hair and makeup, and you can use your skills as a cosmetologist to make clients look their best. After completing cosmetology school and getting your license, you’ll be able to find employment through a company or start your own business. You can choose to specialize in hair, makeup, skincare or all of the above. You can also become an eyelash extension guru and learn how to apply these extensions the right way by completing an online training course like the one found at sugarlashpro.ca/.

4. Fashion Journalist

If you have a degree in journalism but want to work in the fashion industry, you can combine your skills and interests by working as a fashion journalist. You’ll be writing about the latest fashion trends for newspapers, magazines or websites. Your job might also involve taking pictures to add to your articles. One of the main perks of this job is that you’ll likely be able to attend fashion shows and other big events on a regular basis.

Working in the fashion industry can become a reality. Your passion for fashion and personal strengths can be used to your advantage as you search for the right career in this field.

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