How to Make Ironing Clothes Less of a Chore

If there’s one house chores I avoid, its ironing clothes.  Burnt clothes,  folds at the wrong places, pasma are just three of the reason I dislike doing it.

So,  how do you make ironing clothes less of a chore?  Here are my personal time-tested tips :


1. Use fabric conditioner on your laundry.  It definitely lessens the wrinkles on clothes. I love downy.

2. If manually air drying clothes cafefully stretch and pull (what I call hand ironing) your wet clothes to ease-off  wrinkles when they dry

3. Invest on a good clothes steamer.  I suggest the variety of products from the Philips Garment care line.  They have clothes steamer that looks and feels like the traditional flat iron style.  Or the department store style steamer one with and without the board by the hanger or even the portable one!

Philips Garment Care line clothes steamer

Philips Garment Care line clothes steamerPhilips Garment Care line clothes steamer

Ironing clothes for me is less of a burden eversince I owned a clothes steamer.  It is not time consuming,  in-fact I don’t bulk iron clothea but iron as I go now.  A piece of the hard to iron clothea just takes about a few strokes and a fratiom of a time and power consumption with it. The best part is burm your clothes no more !

Philips Garment Care line clothes steamer

Philis is having a Philips Garment Care line sale at the EDSA Shagri-la Mall Atrium until March 21,2018.  You can get as much as 40% off especially if you bring for trade in your old clothes iron be it used, broken or other brand. Price range is around Php3,000 – Php15,000 depending on the style (flat iron style to steamer hanger with board) . The portable steamer (Philips Steam and Go)  is around Php5,000.  Very handy you can bring it to your travels #itoningmadeeasy.

Philips Garment Care line clothes steamer

Don’t worry if you miss this one they will have the same kind of activity around the country too mostly at where you can find a Rustans branch.

Stay gorgeous everyone!

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