Smackdown as Fox+ Exclusively Stream WWE Raw #WWEonFoxPlus


#It may not be obvious now but I was very boyish as a child up until I was a teenager.  I would climb trees,  fences and walls,  baril-barilan,  text (not the cellphone thing but that cardboard thing with comic skits)  and whatever boys games you can ever think off.

WWF Wrestling was one of my favorite TV shows I watch I think it used to be aired on IBC13 Friday night.  No wonder Friday became my favorite day coz all my cartoon shows were aired during those days and nights,  you know Ghost Busters,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,  Voltes V etc. Yes I am that old!  If you still can’t believe.


Anyway,  I would watch WWF wrestling before and among my favorites were Hulk Hogan,  Bret “The Hitman” Hart,  Jake “the Snake” Roberts,  Junkyard Dog,  The Undertaker,  The Rock,  Shawn Michaels,Roddy Pipper, Andre the Giant and Randy Savage.  I liked the tag team and royal rumble segment makes me jump off my seat and scream really loud.

Those were the days.  Thanks to Fox+ for making me rekindle those childhood memories when I didn’t know it was all staged (you know kinda like when you know Santa Claus ain’t real, hide this part from kids) .

Fox+ announced their WWE Raw partnership at the Ringside Bar in Makati last night where everyone who subscribes at Fox+ gets to watch live streaming of live WWE Raw match starting July 17,2018.  Broadcast is at 8am which is 8pm in the U.S. where its happening live.



The Fox+ event announcement was so fun that I was able to finally get myself on a ring,  up on the second rope and held a WWE raw champions belt up lile those wrestlers do!   Fun!




Anyway,  download the Fox+ app now available on iOs and Google Play and get a 30 day free trial.  After that monthly is just Php249 such a steal!



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