Shoe shopping tips

Shoe Shopping Tips and Tricks

Wearing the right pair of shoes makes a huge difference to how you look and feel. There is nothing worse than having to attend a wedding wearing footwear that pinches and doesn’t quite match your outfit. It saps your confidence and, usually, by the end of the day, your feet are killing you. So much so you cannot really get up and enjoy a dance. But, if you follow these simple buying tips there is no need for you to experience this type of problem.

Shop in the right places

Knowing which retailers are most likely to sell shoes that fit can save you a lot of time and frustration. For example, if, like me, you need a wide fit you just need to click here. This retailer sells more than 350 different pairs of shoes, sandals, and boots in wide, extra wide and ultra wide sizes.

Measure your feet

There is a fairly good chance that you are wearing the wrong size shoes. Now I know that seems unlikely, but it is true. According to a recent study that was carried out by the College of Podiatry, half of UK women are walking around in shoes that do not fit them properly. Studies carried out in other countries showed similar results. This is mostly because the last time most people got their feet measured was when they were children.
Even as an adult your feet continue to change. They may not get any longer, but they certainly spread. If you want to learn more about the study referred to above and how to measure your feet properly, you can do so by reading this article.

Practical considerations

It is all too easy to fall in love with a pair of shoes and buy them without really thinking about whether they are practical. As you can see here, I’ve certainly done it and ended up with wet or aching feet. Or worse worn the shoes once and completely ruined them.
Before you buy a pair of shoes, stop and think about when and where you are likely to want to wear them. Doing this will help you to determine if they really are the best choice. For example, kitten heels can be great for a summer wedding, but not if the reception is taking place outdoors. If the ground is soft, your heels will just sink into the grass. Within a few minutes, your shoes will be ruined. Plus, your legs will be aching by the end of the day because you have spent hours walking on the balls of your feet.

Buy shoes that are versatile

Whenever possible, buy footwear that can be worn with several different outfits. The more versatile your shoes, sandals, and boots are the better. This is especially important if you are shopping for holiday footwear. If you make the right choice you should be able to get away with only having to pack only one pair. This leaves more space in your case for your clothes.
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